The nine different cries a baby makes and what they mean

Newborn babies are the cutest thing on earth, but they can be difficult to handle.

Any new parent knows the anxiety and stress that comes with having a baby, especially when it is your first.

There are a range of new noises and expressions that can truly frighten a newbie parent. This is especially true for crying.

A newborn’s only real way of communicating, their cries alert parents to an issue.

But did you know there are nine different types of cries and each one means something different?

Mum Anna Shields took to TikTok to share her new discovery, saying: ‘They are so accurate that if you know them you’ll always know what your new-born baby needs.’

Anna says she learnt the clever trick from First Discoverers, and it has been life changing for her.

Below are the nine cries she uncovered.

Hungry cry

The baby experts say that when your baby is hungry, they have a specific way of letting you now.

‘As if to suckle, baby’s tongue sticks to his/her palate and the sound that comes out is ‘neh,’ says First Discoverers.

This is a sign the baby needs to eat.

Burp cry

While not an easy one to decipher, a big indicator is if the baby makes a lot of ‘eh’ sounds.

First Discoverers say: ‘The diaphragm lowers, the larynx closes, and the air tries to come out fairly brief and jerky. Help baby burp and feed him only if he no longer produces this sound.’

Sleep cry

Even though you may not think it, your baby will let you know when it’s time to sleep.

‘With yawning, the mouth opens wide, the tongue flattens down and recedes. This is the signal to go to sleep, quickly,’ explains First Discoverers.

Stomach pain cry

This is stronger and longer than most cries and is letting you know the baby is in distress.

‘The sound is hoarse, contracted and prolonged,’ note the experts.

Discomfort cry

The sounds like ‘heh’ and means the baby is uncomfortable.

‘Baby’s skin is uncomfortable here,’ explains First Discoverers. ‘It needs to be changed, it is hot, it is cold, its position is not comfortable or a diaper rash has appeared.’

Teething cry

A cry that most parents will be used to, teething is a stressful period for baby and parent.

The cry sounds like ‘guèn’ and is accompanied by increased saliva.

Lonely cry

If your baby is looking for attention and comfort, the cry sounds like ‘lelaol.’

‘The sound is calm and sad,’ say the experts. ‘With this little meow, baby says that they are bored and that they need bond and presence.’

Thirsty cry

When your newborn is in need of a drink they will let out a ‘nah’ sound.

Everything is wrong cry

Sometimes, everything will be wrong with your baby at once and the cry will sound like ‘ouin’.

Listen out for the distinct ‘O’ sound and comfort your baby to let them know you are near.

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