‘The second Elizabethan age is over’: Parliament returns for a day of tributes

Parliament returns today for the first time since the Queen’s death on September 8 for a joint motion of condolence and a congratulatory message of accession for King Charles III.

Following the day of mourning yesterday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton and Nationals Leader David Littleproud are all paying tribute.

You can watch their speeches below:

The rest of the day will be given over to individual condolence motions from MPs and Senators.

Linda Burney, the minister for indigenous affairs, has defended the parliament’s two-week suspension and two days of tributes against criticisms that the lengthy solemnities were inappropriate given colonialism’s painful legacy for indigenous Australians.

“There is a huge respect for sorry business – it is part of Aboriginal culture and the reverence to the Queen in my view falls into that category,” she told ABC radio on Thursday.

However, she said there was a “complex relationship” between Indigenous people and the monarchy.

“You cannot divorce the issues of colonisation from the role of Britain going back through the ages.“

Opening the proceedings, Albanese said: “With the passing of Queen Elizabeth, the historic reign and a long life devoted to duty, family, faith and service has come to an end. The second Elizabethan age is over.”

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