These £29 trousers are a dupe for the £108 Lululemon On The Fly pants

Amazon shoppers are raving how these £29 trousers are a dupe for the £108 Lululemon On The Fly pants

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Amazon is a great place to find some fashion gems, with plenty of dupes for designer items available if you’re prepared to do a bit of hunting.

Luckily thousands of shoppers have done the hard work for you and have discovered the CRZ YOGA Women’s Stretch Lounge Sweatpants, which scores of buyers claim are dupes for the Lululemon On The Fly pants.

The £29 CRZ casual pants not only look incredibly similar to the £108 Lululemon version but actually score points for quality, performance and fit too. Teams of shoppers have called them ‘amazing Lulu dupes’, ‘super comfortable! Lulu comparative for sure’ and even ‘way better material then lulemon and a fraction of the cost.’

The CRZ YOGA Women’s Stretch Lounge Sweatpants have amassed over 4,000 reviews with many shoppers calling them a dupe for the £108 Lululemon On The Fly pants

Catching the attention of thousands of Amazon shoppers, the CRZ YOGA Women’s Stretch Lounge Sweatpants have come up trumps in terms of impressive quality, comfort and incredibly flattering fit.  

Designed to be worn on the move, the fabric is super stretchy, lightweight but not sheer or thin, with a lovely cosy-soft feeling. One impressed shopper raved, ‘super good quality, amazing stretch, and the length is spot on!’.

If you’re looking for a perfect pair of everyday trousers that won’t leave you feeling frumpy, then these might be a clever addition to your wardrobe. 

The CRZ casual pants are the perfect choice for when you want the comfort of loungewear but need something stylish enough for the office. A great choice on the days we want to prioritise comfort, but are still fitted enough to give shape to your silhouette. 

Tailored to hit just on the ankle, these are a lot smarter than traditional sweatpants but give you the mobility of leggings thanks to the lightweight stretchy fabric drawcord in the waistband. 

Perhaps most impressively have been the comments which compare the £29 CRZ YOGA Women’s Stretch Lounge Sweatpants to the Lululemon On The Fly pants, which at £108 are substantially more expensive.  

Pair the tailored lounge pants with white trainers and a trench coat and you have a perfect autumnal look

One delighted shopper left a glowing review for the CRZ YOGA Women’s Stretch Lounge Sweatpants, writing: ‘I’m obsessed with these. I bought these as a Lulu dupes of the On The Fly pants, and they definitely lived up to that.

‘I own the Lulu ones as well, and they are extremely similar. I wear these as an online teacher, and they’d also be perfect for when we have to go back into the school. So comfortable’.

Another agreed, adding: ‘These are the exact replica of the Lulu On the Fly Pants! Right down to the logo on the leg. They went on to write ‘SO happy that I didn’t buy the On the Fly’s from Lulu. this are an excellent work pant, that doesn’t cut off your circulation at the waist from sitting all day. Def recommend!

A third penned: ‘A great find. I have tried the Lulu equivalents and just can’t bring myself to pay over $100 for them – I would recommend these to anyone.’  

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