These Are Most Expensive Magazines In The World

A lot of people spend their leisure doing things they love to do, things that relax them and ease their stress. The focus of this list is one of the numerous ways through which people unwind while they catch up with trends at the same time. Magazines are publications that are published on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. You’d be surprised at the amount of money that is spent on purchasing each edition of some magazines! In this list, we bring to you the most expensive magazines in the world, their prices, and their target audience.

13 Volt Magazine ($14.99)

Volt magazine is a magazine that prides itself as a hub for original fashion and beauty content by top-notch creative writers and authentic stylists with a lot of quality images by a group of skilled photographers to stimulate and catch the readers’ fancy. Volt magazine goes for $14.99 per issue. Fair price, considering the exciting content that readers get to digest.

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12 Zoo Magazine ($15.00)

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Zoo magazine is a German art magazine that was founded in Berlin by Sandor Lubbe on the 25th of September 2003 with a focus on architecture, literature, and art, depicted by a host of writers and photographers one of whom is Bryan Adams who is also a co-founder of the magazine. Zoo magazine is published four times a year with each edition selling for $15.

11 Purple Magazine ($16.50)

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This French magazine which focuses on fashion, culture, and art was founded by Elein Fleiss and Oliver Zahm in 1992 in a print protest against the overly extravagant and superficial glamour of the 1980s. The purple magazine was divided into Purple Fashion and Purple Journal in 2004 and sells for $16.50 per issue.

10 S Magazine ($26.00)

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S Magazine is a leading luxury lifestyle magazine that details the latest trends and events in the world of fashion, beauty, design, and culture. S magazine has been dedicated to publishing unique and independent content that dates to push boundaries and challenge limits. This luxury lifestyle magazine is published twice a year and a copy goes for $26.

9 Self Service Magazine ($35.00)

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This fashion and culture magazine that is published bi-annually is one of the leading publications in the fashion and luxury industry. Self-service magazine features and showcases the biggest and most influential personalities in the fashion industry and puts out great content produced through a perfect synergy of productive writers, stylists, models, and photographers. This magazine sells for $35 per issue.

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8 Unique Homes Magazine ($47.94)

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Unique Homes magazine is a publication of Unique Homes Luxury Media. This magazine which focuses on the wealthy and affluent individuals in the society with a penchant for luxury real estate was founded in the early 1970s and has since evolved into one of the most recognized luxury real estate magazines in the world with a paid readership that spreads across more than 80 countries. Unique Homes magazine is published twice a month and a piece sells for $47.94

7 Upscale Living Magazine ($50.00)

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This is a world luxury portal in print. Founded in 2004, this magazine showcases trends in arts, culture, fashion, beauty, luxury architecture, travel, lifestyle, and luxury automobiles. What’s more? Every Upscale Living issue which sells for $50 consistently brings its readers the best content on every topic.

6 Architectural Digest Magazine ($71.40)

Architectural Digest is the right magazine to read to catch up with the latest events in the interior decor and architectural world. This magazine constantly showcases new luxury homes and designs as well as travel destinations, art, cultural events, celebrity real estate purchases, and luxury real estate. Each edition of this magazine sells for $71.40

5 Super Motors Magazine ($102.00)

This is the right magazine for every automobile lover who wants to catch up with the latest trends in the world of supercars. This magazine showcase analyzes the strongest and most expensive super sports cars, track cars, and every other super automobile you can think of.

For the kind of thrill every edition serves, it is safe to say a $102 price per issue is not too pricey for the readers.

4 Robb Report Magazine ($108.88)

Robb Report magazine is the go-to magazine to get information on automobiles, aviation, real estate, and luxury jewelry. This monthly magazine was founded in 1976 and is based in the heart of Los Angeles, California. A copy of each edition of the Robb Report goes for $108.88. This magazine also distributes Muse by Robb Report to target female readers

3 Zoot Magazine ($155.00)

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Zoot magazine connects with its readers and shares trendy information on fashion, music, art, photography, and other lifestyle topics that might catch the readers’ fancy. The magazine, over time, has become a great platform for established designers, models, and photographers to showcase their works. Each edition of Zoot magazine sells for $155.

2 Nomenus Quarterly Magazine ($2500-$6500)

Nomenus Quarterly is a limited-edition magazine was founded by Madigan Heck. This is one luxury magazine you’ll gape at and wonder what content is behind those pages to make it cost that much. Although each issue varied in price, the founder decided to cut the print run from 50 copies to 10 and raised the price from around $2,500 to $6,500. This magazine details the works of some of the greatest models, designers, and photographers in the world.

1 Kohl Magazine Diamond Studded Version ($10,000)

Kohl magazine is a luxury magazine that is targeted at rich, Asian ex-pat women. It is no surprise that the magazine teamed up with the luxury jewelry brand, Damas to put out the most expensive magazine editions in the world. Each copy of Kohl is studded with 91 grams of pure gold and 622 diamonds and costs $10,000. Stunning right?

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