These Kelly Ripa Photos From the Past Year Prove the Star Only Got Sexier After Turning 50

Happy birthday, Kelly Ripa! The Live With Kelly and Ryan host and all-around national treasure celebrates another trip around the sun today, and Ripa’s life just seems to be getting better and better each time we check in on it. For that matter, Ripa keeps looking better and better too a year out from her 50th birthday — and sure, while it helps that she doesn’t look like she’s aged at all, but it also helps that there’s no (visible) mad scramble on Ripa’s behalf to try and turn back the clock. Between goofy pics with family (when she manages to get in the photo, that is) and steamy, loved-up snaps with her Man-Crush-Monday-slash-husband Mark Consuelos, Ripa is clearly loving the life that these 51 years have brought her. She looks beautifully happy to be herself — which, in turn, is also super hot.

The truth is, we’ve all been done dirty by decades of magazines urging women to “anti-age” themselves by any means possible. But women like Kelly Ripa — and other inspirational ladies like Paulina Porizkova, Vanessa Williams, Bethenny Frankel, and more — are nowadays offering a very attractive alternative, literally.

“I am 50. There. I said it,” Ripa wrote under a photo a year ago on Instagram — and in the year since, she’s shown us she won’t be covering up or hiding herself away because of it. Why would she? She’s never looked better. 

Women who let their natural beauty shine through year after year are the only trend we’re interested in following, so please enjoy these photos of Ripa since her 50th birthday that will hopefully quiet any voice in your head that suggests “sexy” is just for women of a certain age. Ask Sharon Stone, Suzane Somers, and yes, Ms. Ripa herself (or better yet, her husband), and they’ll you: there’s no age limit on being a bombshell.

A Wonder Woman Halloween

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Just a few weeks after her 50th birthday, Ripa wore one of the hottest Halloween costumes of her lifetime, NBD. Please enjoy this rendition of Wonder Woman featuring her impossibly long legs.

Power Couple Portrait Mode

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Take a moment to catch your breath — we know those abs are distracting. Then take a moment to appreciate Ripa’s Baywatch-ready aesthetic.

A Very Merry Christmas

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Ripa let her naughty flag fly high for this 2020 Christmas celebration — we wonder how Consuelos reacted to the get-up when he got home!

More Glitter, Less Twitter

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Timeless advice, timeless beauty. This casual dressing room snap shows off her trademark long blonde bob.

Showing Off Her Assets

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You better believe this pic was swarmed with attention when Ripa posted it back in July! The message is clear — Consuelos appreciates Ripa’s rockin’ bod just as much as we do.

Empty Nest Date Night

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After Ripa and Consuelos’ youngest of three, Joaquin, went off to college in September, the parents briefly mourned their empty-nester status — but made the effort to reconnect with date nights like this with their newly freed-up time. And yes, that’s right! The woman in this photo has three grown kids in college.

Beach Bums

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No fancy photoshoots needed for these two! Just a walk on the beach and a selfie cam to capture what it looks like to be 50, flirty, and thriving.

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