This £5.59 makeup brush shampoo has 24,000 five-star reviews

‘My brushes look practically brand new’: Amazon shoppers are saying goodbye to breakouts thanks to this £5.59 makeup brush shampoo

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Makeup enthusiasts have revealed their secret weapon to transform grubby makeup brushes and make them look brand new in seconds. 

The EcoTools Make Up Brush Shampoo has amassed a whopping 24,000 five-star reviews on Amazon with users raving how it ‘makes everything look brand new’, removing product build-up, dirt and bacteria with ease. 

The fragrance free makeup brush cleaner removes all the nasties from your sponges and brushes that can lead to a spotty complexion – and the best bit? It’s currently on sale for just £5.59.  

Over 24,000 Amazon shoppers have left perfect five-star reviews for the EcoTools Make Up Brush Shampoo – now on sale for £5.59

Did you know that sponges, makeup brushes and tools should be cleaned at least every seven days?

Cleaning our brushes is vital for removing any makeup residue and harboring bacteria that can lead to spots, clogged pores and even infections. 

If you’ve been guilty of neglecting your makeup brushes and sponges then it’s the perfect time to add the EcoTools Make Up Brush Shampoo to your basket as it’s now on sale for £5.59. 

The EcoTools Make Up Brush Shampoo promises to deep clean and condition your makeup brushes back to their soft original form without leaving an oily residue behind.

Shoppers have reported that the plant based, perfume free formula not only removes all traces of foundation residue but it leaves brushes super soft and even leaves ‘beauty blenders feeling like new’. 

To use, lather the bristles with a small amount of the EcoTools Brush Shampoo (a little goes a long way) and rinse under water until the water runs clear. The brand recommends avoiding the base of the bristles as it could soften the glue which can lead to shedding bristles. 

After rinsing, smooth brush head back into original form and lay flat to dry. 

The fragrance free makeup brush and sponge shampoo removes product build-up and bacteria leaving your makeup tools clean, soft and hygienic to use 

With over 24,000 five-star reviews the EcoTools Make Up Brush Shampoo is a huge hit with makeup fanatics. Cleaning grubby brushes back to their former glory and reducing any spot-triggering bacteria, it’s a must for your makeup bag. 

One delighted user raved: ‘This is a great product, leaves the makeup brush feeling very soft and cleans brushes completely and quickly. Foundation goes on smoother after the brushes are cleaned and would definitely recommend.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Absolutely fantastic brush cleaner! Worked amazing on stubborn foundation brushes and sponges, so easy to use and fragrance free. you only have to use a tiny but per brush! I will definitely continue to buy this when I run out!’

A third penned: ‘Amazing how clean my make up sponges and brushes are they look brand NEW!! Very impressed with this, I had to rewash them a few times but only used a small drop each time, it goes a long way.’ 

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