This baby doing push-ups with his dad is all you need to get through today

This 6-month-old is already working on his fitness.

In a video posted to Instagram, baby Landon Todd is seen mimicking his dad doing push-ups in the most adorable fashion.

“He goes to my fitness class too and he sees other people doing [push-ups] so maybe that’s it,” dad Charlie Todd — a personal trainer and resident of Greenwood, Indiana — told “Good Morning America.”

“Around four months [old], we tried to get him crawling and then he started lifting up fully off the ground.”

Landon began doing the up-down cadence during tummy time in response to dad’s push-up exercises.

Thousands who viewed the footage quickly commented and shared it, including actress Octavia Spencer.

“How. Cute. Is. This!!!” she wrote, accompanied by the hashtag #BeInspired.

But push-ups isn’t Landon’s only hidden talent.

The baby can also turn the light switch off and “do squats,” dad said.

“He always surprises me,” Todd said of his son. “He’s a friendly dude. He’s real outgoing — always smiling.”

(Editor’s note: This article was originally published on August 21, 2018)

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