This Is What Happens To Warren & Biden’s Poll Numbers When "Electability" Isn’t A Factor

The concept of "electability" seems to have become a priority for some Democratic primary voters, with one Monmouth University poll suggesting Democrats might care more about a candidate’s perceived electability than their values or policies. But what happens if you remove electability from the equation, and ask Democratic primary voters who they actually want to become president? Well, according to a new poll, Elizabeth Warren beats Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and every other Democrat in the race.

The pollsters at Avalanche Strategy asked Democrats two questions regarding their candidate preferences in 2020. First, respondents were asked who they would vote for if the Democratic primary was held today — the standard "horse race" question. Then, Democrats were asked which candidate they’d choose if they had "a magic wand" that could single-handedly select the next president, regardless of elections or other voters.

In response to the "horse race" question, Biden came in first with 29%, followed by Sanders at 17% and Warren at 16%. But when respondents were given a hypothetical "magic wand" that allowed them to ignore electability and choose the next president themselves, Warren was the top pick, with 21% of respondents choosing her. Both Biden and Sanders came in at 19% when electability was removed from the equation.

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