Tiffani Thiessen Explains Why She's Working Harder than Ever

Going to set is the easy part for actress and '90s icon Tiffani Thiessen. The hard part? Being a mom of two little ones.  

“I’m 45 years old now and I’m working harder than I did when I was in my twenties,” Thiessen told the crowd at the third annual Mamas Making It Summit in Downtown LA on Saturday.

But she says she's also having more fun than she’s ever had before. Thiessen credits acting and cooking for helping her be a better mom. “I don’t think I would be the mom that I am to my children if I didn’t have the things that I love doing," the actress and keynote speaker said.

From entrepreneurs to bloggers, women from all types of careers attended this year’s summit. Launched two years ago by founder Natalie Alcala, the Mamas Making It Summit is a yearly conference aimed at providing mothers with the proper tools to enhance their careers, mingle with boss women in various industries, and walk away inspired.

“I believe in productive networking,” Alcala, a mom of two, told InStyle. “I love when women can go into a room and they know that the businesses that are in that room can touch each other in some way.”

Mamas Making It started out as a panel for the members of Alcala’s members-only community Fashion Mamas, a network built for moms who work in fashion, art, design, media, and entertainment. After growing interest from non-members, Alcala decided to turn her panel into a larger-scale event.

Now the conference is three years in and only getting bigger. Trailblazing businesswomen spoke on panels, elaborating on themes about building an idea to a real-life vision and the journey to see it through successfully. Consultations with marketing, business and legal experts were also made available to support budding and developed career plans.

Alcala hopes all mothers in attendance remember that they’re not alone in this process and can rely on each for support as they fulfill their dreams. “What better time to level up your career and connections than now,” Alcala shared with us. Based on the energy in the room, there will be lots of boss moves coming very soon.

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