Toll House promoting ‘safe to eat’ raw cookie dough

Nestle Toll House just entered the uncooked-cookie market with their own brand of raw cookie dough. In a complex series of events, Toll House’s Twitter account tweeted a link to an article from Cosmopolitan, which referenced an Instagram post from a food blog that had discovered the new item. Toll House simply confirmed its existence with a simple caption: “Surprise!”

The original Instagram post was created by Familyfooddude, who claims to have found the 15 oz. containers at a Publix Super Market in Florida. The post shows two different flavors, chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip monster.

The surprise announcement was met with both excitement and surprise from fans. Several people simply seemed shocked that raw cookie dough wasn’t already considered safe to eat. One user posted, “Wait, so you’re telling me real cookie dough was never safe to eat?” Another user asked, “hasn’t it always been?”

This last December, the CDC once again reminded people not to eat raw cookie dough. According to them, ingredients in the dough, including eggs and flour, can contain bacteria and salmonella.

Whatever scientist or chef figured out how to make raw cookie dough safe to eat deserves every cooking award in existence.

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