Tom Hiddleston Gives a Voice to the World's Weird and Wild Nocturnal Creatures in New Show

One of April the giraffe's famous friends is meeting new animals after dark.

Tom Hiddleston is the smooth-voiced narrator of the new Apple TV+ show Earth at Night in Color, which premiered on the streaming service on Dec 4. The nature docuseries delivers on what it promises in the title, taking viewers deep into the jungle, through the expanse of the desert, and to other remote locations at night to offer an up-close look at the nocturnal behaviors of the world's wild animals. Thanks to cutting-edge camera technology, all of the footage is in color.

The clip above of a family of spectral tarsiers, tennis-ball-sized primates, gives animal lovers an idea of the striking scenes they can expect from Earth at Night in Color. In the video, three generations of spectral tarsiers, including two tiny babies, stick close together out in the wild, using their wide eyes to navigate the darkness.

Along with hearing a lot of Hiddleston's voice, viewers can expect to see lions' late-night shenanigans, jaguars hunting in rivers, geckos attempting a little midnight dating, and much more.

The first six episodes of Earth at Night in Color are available on Apple TV+, the remaining six episodes of the stunning 12-part series will premiere in 2021.

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