TV star Gemma Bird gives tips on building a business on a budget

A TV star dished the dirt on how you can start a business with minimum cash in the bank.

Gemma Bird, who is known as Money Mum and is a regular money saving expert on shows like Lorraine, revealed how you can enter the world of business on a budget.

And if you've always fancied venturing out on your own – but have never managed to get your hands on the appropriate funds – her tips could just help make your dreams come true.

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The cost of living crisis and current UK inflation has put immense pressure on families and individuals to be able to afford to live.

This can create stress, worry and uncertainty during these difficult times.

Many people are trying to find ways to make extra cash or work longer hours to be able to afford bills and food, and now Money Mum has issued advice on how to build a business on a budget.

She hopes it will help people who may not have the funds behind them realise that you don't need a wallet full of cash to start a new business.

Even though she's no serial business entrepreneur, she still uses clever tools and tricks to make her business successful without breaking the bank.

Now she's revealed exactly how she manages to pull it off.

Gemma's Guide to Success

Check your phonebook and keep adding

Scope out what your neighbours do for a living or go through your phone book and see if there is anyone who may be able to help you with your business/idea.

You never know – they could become a client.

If you are an organisation freak, there are various apps that you can buy for free so it stores and saves all contacts and states what they do so you can easily search.


Networking is key and they might just be your best friend’s sister.

Find out what people do as you can always ask for an exchange of service if both parties benefit.

Social networking websites likeLinkedInare a great place to make business contacts.

Check your skills

Do you have many skills that you don’t utilise?

Take time to understand what you can offer and what people may benefit from your skills – from this, it will become clear what people may need from you and then naturally you can build up a nice side hustle.

Quick learning courses to boost your skills

If you feel disheartened you haven’t cracked something, then research learning courses to widen your knowledge to be able to do it yourself.

This could include simple stuff like DIY, or a low level social media course to give you that confidence.

Skills Training UK offer free courses across the country.

Test the waters

Always scope out before you invest as you wouldn’t want to make the wrong decision, and it have a snowball effect on your business.

I always have a trial period before I make any decision.

But make sure you know the end date of the trial so you can make your decision before.

If you’re selling goods as opposed to services, its worth usingAmazonas a tool to see the popularity of your chosen product.

Minimise the middle man

Where possible, try and cut out the middle man, every time someone gets involved, there is an extra cost.

Utilise your social media circle

Ask your circle of people questions and try and get free advice as you may be surprised that your uncle’s friend’s dad has a business, product or service that can provide "mates rates" or even better, help you for free and then you can pay it forward.

Make your life easier

If you need to get third party support, try and research companies that don’t break the bank but get what you need.

For example, Money Mum has used companies like Balloonary which makes the process of creating, launching and analysing online ad campaigns fast and simple.

She said making use of it also gave her the confidence that her online ads were being taken care of.

You don’t need any design or marketing skills – Balloonary did it for her, which helped her save time and money.

Never give up

Some days you may feel like giving up and going to bed, but this is normal.

Accept those days but don’t let it effect tomorrow.

Stay humble and help others

Karma is real, so the more positive energy you put out, the more you will get back.

Life is hard but your mind is stronger.


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