US skincare brand Tatcha finally launches in the UK: Here’s what to buy and where from

When you visit another country, what do you buy to bring home? Fridge magnets? Unfamiliar food? Souvenirs for loved ones? If you’re a beauty fan, it’s probably products that you can’t buy in the UK.

One brand always at the top of beauty buffs’ shopping lists was Tatcha. Shoppers have been raving about the luxe US skincare brand for years, stocking up on hero products such as the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist and The Water Cream. It’s also a favourite of celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian and Meghan Markle, with the latter reportedly including the bestselling Rice Polish in her baby shower gift bags before Archie was born.

Well, there’s no need to save space in your suitcase any more as Tatcha is finally now available to buy on from today, and launching into Space NK later in June.

Inspired by Japanese self-care practices, Tatcha combines botanical ingredients with science into products that care for the skin and soothe the soul, with “rituals” to suit all skin types. I’ve been using the four-step “classic ritual” for a couple of weeks now, and here are my honest thoughts on the products…

Tatcha skincare review

Firstly, a moment for the packaging. The outer cardboard boxes open up like origami, while the chic, weighty bottles and pots look like precious ornaments (I’ve never wanted to keep an empty skincare bottle as much as I have these). Even the little instructions booklet inside the box is interesting to read, including a story about the inspiration behind the product and a breakdown of the key ingredients.

Tatcha The Camellia Cleansing Oil, £45 here

Inspired by how geishas gently remove their makeup every day, this blends vitamin-rich camellia oil with a fermented rice, green tea and algae complex.

I’ve never really found a cleansing oil to be as effective as a balm at gripping to and dissolving makeup, but this is great. It has a lovely lightweight texture that turns into a milk when water is added, and makes short work of even the most stubborn mascara (I like to use a Face Halo to remove any lingering smudges).

Tatcha The Rice Polish Classic, £60 here

A dry powder made with rice’s hard outer bran and exfoliating enzymes. It forms a smooth paste when a splash of water is added, for a second skin cleanse.

I was worried this might feel grainy, but it doesn’t at all. It turns into a creamy, almost mask-like paste that feels deeply cleansing yet not drying, and leaves skin feeling wonderfully soft and glowing.

Tatcha The Essence, £95 here

Centuries ago Japanese women would bathe in sake to smooth and soften their skin. This liquid – the third step in the ritual – uses that same idea, containing an amino acid-rich complex to hydrate and improve skin texture.

Perhaps the most dispensable step in the ritual, in my opinion, but feels nice on the skin nonetheless, and does add to the overall glow.

Tatcha The Silk Cream, £115 here

A luxurious little pot of joy. “Silk” here doesn't just refer to the ingredients (it’s made with silk protein, which helps to smooth fine lines) but also the texture of the cream, which is weightless yet hydrating, leaving skin looking immediately brighter and more even without leaving any feeling of residue whatsoever.

All in all, the products feel gorgeous, and really give my face a radiant “glass skin” glow. Yes, it’s very expensive, but I’m already obsessed with these Tatcha products I’ve tried, and can’t wait to try more from the brand.

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