Viewers shocked by new Channel 4 drama Adult Material

Viewers are left ‘disturbed’ by new drama Adult Material that shows a sleeping teenager being raped by her boyfriend in first episode – after show was billed as a lighthearted take on the adult entertainment industry

  • Viewers left shocked by the first episode of new Channel 4 drama Adult Material 
  • Followed porn star and mother-of-three Jolene Dollar as she navigated industry 
  • Show, which aired last night, called ‘fantastically devastating’ and ‘disturbing’ 
  • Some accused Channel 4 of ‘blatantly misselling’ the programme in trailers 

Shocked viewers were left ‘disturbed’ by the new Channel 4 drama Adult Material after watching the first episode in which a teenager was raped while sleeping. 

The premiere of the series aired last night and followed mother-of-three and pornstar Jolene Dollar, played by Hayley Squires, as she navigates the industry having been a leading performer for decades. 

In one shocking scene in the first episode, Jolene’s daughter Pheobe, played by Alex Jarrett, was raped while sleeping in the same bed by her boyfriend and after trying  to confide in her mother was told she should be ‘clearer with her dos and don’ts’. 

Many were left shocked by the dark and disturbing drama, with one commenting: ‘I’m not being funny but all the previews looked like a story of a  young powerful woman thriving in the adult industry and pure entertainment, not this dark, morally bankrupt head f***.’ 

Shocked viewers were left stunned by the new Channel 4 drama Adult Material last night and slammed the show as ‘disturbing’ after a sleeping teenager was raped by her boyfriend in the first episode

In the premiere of the drama last night, mother-of-three and pornstar Jolene Dollar, played by Hayley Squires, told her daughter that ‘boys aren’t mindreaders’ after she was raped 

Meanwhile another wrote: ‘Channel 4 love their dark programme. It feels like as a viewer, it kind of feels by watching it you’re part of the exploitation.

‘The trailer blatantly missold this.’ 

The first programme saw Jolene being introduced to a new girl called Amy (Siena Kelly), who was not much older than her eldest daughter Phoebe. 

Amy looked up to Jolene, who took the newbie performer under her wing. 

Many of those watching at home were left horrified by the programme, with some saying they felt the trailers had ‘blatantly missold’ the premise 

However, Amy was unstable and Jolene’s burgeoning friendship with her saw her career and home life begin to unravel. 

In one shocking moment, Jolene’s daughter, Phoebe, who is just a teenager, was sexually assaulted by her boyfriend while she is sleeping.

After waking,  Phoebe then asked whether her partner was wearing a condom, to which he didn’t respond.

In one heartbreaking scene in the first episode, teenager Phoebe cried while telling her mother that she had woken up to find her boyfriend having sex with her 

She later tried to confide in her mother about the assault, but Amy told her it was ‘really difficult for boys’ and that they ‘are not mind readers.’

While Phoebe cried, Jolene told her: ‘In future, you just have to be really really clear about what your dos and don’t are, okay? 

Many of those watching were left stunned by the scene, with one commenting: ‘That conversation was awful. It gives a bad idea about sex workers as parents. I’m sure they wouldn’t give their kids very questionable advice like that.’

After watching the dark and ‘disturbing’ drama, Many viewers said they felt Channel 4 had  ‘missold’ the programme with it’s trailer

Another wrote: ‘If my daughter told me that someone had pulled her knickers down and had intercourse while she was sleeping, my response would have been a lot different. 

‘#WhatAJoke, Channel 4 should be ashamed.’ 

One added: ‘It’s gone from funny to seriously disturbing.’ 

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