Walrus spotted in the Hebrides – days after Thor arrives in Iceland

Yorkshire: Walrus delights locals after appearing in seaside town

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A “massive” walrus has been spotted taking a breather on rocks off the Inner Hebrides – days after Thor, another of the giant marine mammals, arrived in Iceland. The tusked behemoth came to the attention of Creel fisherman Lorn MacRae. He in turn notified the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT), which described the creature as “massive”.

The charity said it was the first record of a walrus on its database, although walruses have been spotted in Scottish waters before, including a young female, Freya, around Shetland two years ago.

Another was seen in the vicinity of the Orkneys in 2018.

Thor became something of a celebrity after making his way up the south and east coasts of England, with pictures showing him sunning himself on the beach at Scarborough.

Thoughtful locals opted to cancel a planned New Year’s Eve fireworks display in order to avoid disturbing the 2,000lb visitor.

He was spotted a few days later in Blyth, a few miles up the coast, and on Friday, he fetched up 850 miles away, in Breidalsvík in Iceland.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue was able to confirm Thor’s identity from markings – pale patches on his fore flippers, seen in photographs of him in Scarborough.

A spokesman said: “After Thor’s visit to the UK we wondered if we would ever see him again.

“We are delighted to have been informed that he is in Iceland.”

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