Want to be a millionaire? The best National Lottery Scratchcard to buy to scoop £1m

WHO doesn't want to be a millionaire?

It may sound crazy, but the prospect could be closer than you think – thanks to a brightly-coloured card that costs less than a cinema ticket.

Analysis by The Sun Online can reveal which of the six National Lottery scratchcards offering top prizes of £1m is the best to buy if you want to strike rich.

It turns out that the £5 Money Kingdom card puts you in pole position.

Players have a 1 in 2,409,500 chance of scoring a cool mil – with three lots of £1m up for grabs in total.

This is almost double the odds of winning big with the £75 Million Cash Spectacular, which sees just 1 in 4,650,396 pocket the jackpot.

It is also best to steer clear of Monopoly Millionaire, which offers a 1 in 4,391,424 chance of walking away with the full amount.

And Christmas Advent Calendar and Millionaire Maker also offer comparatively paltry odds of 1 in 3,844,200 and 1 in 3,075,840 respectively.

Your best bet after Money Kingdom is to give Take It or Leave It a go.

For just a fiver you could make a sizeable £999,995 profit, with only a slightly higher risk of losing out.

Following this advice could see you join a string of lucky punters who scored big with a simple scratchcard.

Mum-of-two Sara Thomas landed £1m on a 50X card earlier this year – and even stayed to finish her care home shift after discovering the life-changing news.

The stunned 26-year-old also asked colleagues to ring Camelot to confirm her jackpot was for real.

Other lucky scratchcard winners include plumber Sean Irwin and furloughed barman Jonny Wright.

Sean screamed for joy after discovering he was pocketing £200,000 after matching two number 22s on a £3 Ruby Doubler.

And Jonny, 40, said his "legs went to jelly" after realising he and his NHS wife had bagged a £100,000 golden payout.


When it comes to the overall odds of winning anything on a scratchard, we've got you covered.

The Sun revealed earlier this month the best to buy to turn your few quid into a fortune – however large or small.

And further investigation unveiled which give you best bang for your buck.

A spokesperson for the National Lottery said: "Our days can be made up of little wins that give us a feel-good boost.

"Maybe you thought you'd lost your keys, but found them in your coat, or maybe you beat your personal best on your morning run.

"With a scratchcard from The National Lottery, you could get that winning feeling in an instant.

"Whether it's £1 or £1million, a scratchcard could turn today into a winsday."

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