Warning: These 100 Dirty Pickup Lines Are Almost *Too* Raunchy

Even though pickup lines might give you flashbacks to cringy dating app convos, when properly executed, they can actually turn a conversation from boring to flirty in a matter of seconds. But what about if you want things to get a lil…spicy? Turns out, there are plenty of dirty pickup lines to filth up your banter and let your partner know it’s about to go down. And, uh, that maybe they’re about to go down too…

That’s the thing. While you likely know alllll about cheesy pickup lines (see: basically every dad joke ever), you might not know just how many raunchy pickup lines are out there to heat up your situation. These bbs can make your boring, everyday texts the stuff of erotic novels. They can get you instantly horny. They can launch you into a riveting sext convo. Hell, they can even secure a booty call with your boo, all with one simple text.

It’s important to note, though, that these dirty pickup lines shouldn’t be used on just anyone. Sexts without consent aren’t the move, so make sure to feel out your Tinder matches or any potential IRL meet-cutes before whipping out numbers one through 25. The rest? Reserve them for someone you’re already ~intimate~ with, whether it’s a long-term partner or a v flirty situationship. As with all pickup lines, you want to evaluate your recipient’s type of humor before asking if they fell from heaven, etc. And the good news is that if these jokes are a little too extreme, there are pickup lines out there for pretty much every type of relationship, so don’t feel limited to just these.

If, however, you feel that your significant other would get a kick out of some seriously nasty jokes, you’re in luck. Ranked from tamest to almost-too-risqué-to-say, here are 100 dirty pickup lines to make it crystal clear that getting laid is a real possibility tonight.

PG-Rated Dirty Pickup Lines

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