Watch as a spiteful cat pushes its feline frenemy into a pool

It’s no secret that some cats just hate other cats – they probably don’t even like you, their human, all that much.

The general disdain that felines have for each other is often attributed to their territorial nature and the fact they’re not always trained to socialise with other pets.

Just a few days ago, we witnessed the latest example of feline-on feline-hate, which has led us to believe that perhaps this inter-cat aggression might just be for giggles.

Los Angeles beauty blogger Laura Lee has posted security footage of her cat, Boo, swiftly pushing his sister, Peach, into the pool – now that’s cold.

As children, we’re taught poolside rules such as no running, no peeing and certainly no pushing.

Considering most cats haven’t had the luxury of swimming lessons in their youth, we’ll wager that this particular puss might not have been fully aware of its actions.

That is, until Laura posted damning evidence that Boo’s attack might have been a revenge-fuelled crime.

It could also be part of an ongoing argument between the two felines; in a second video, Peach can be seen dishing out a feisty butt bite.

The original footage has racked up nearly half a million likes and over 115,000 retweets, with people loving the cattiness of it all.

‘Dayuuum, you’re dealing with some sinister felines!,’ wrote one person.

Someone else said: ‘I love how the one cat comes out of the pool running after the other cat like “Your ass is MINE mother …..!”.

One person also shared a gif from the fateful Lion King scene where Scar lets go of Mufasa’s paws, and the latter falls to his death.

We’re hoping these feline siblings are able to patch things up. The world is watching.

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