What is BTS Member Jungkook's Net Worth?

BTS’ influence is starting to spread across the globe — in fact, the K-pop boy band made a major appearance on Saturday Night Live this April, blowing everyone away. The group is also killing it back home in South Korea, topping the charts for visibility and popularity nationwide. BTS is, simply put, the most popular K-pop group out there right now. So it’s no stretch of the imagination that these boys are cashing some hefty checks.

So how much does this 21-year-old icon have squirreled away thanks to his career? The number might just blow your mind.

Jungkook’s climb to K-pop icon

Fans might be surprised to learn that Jungkook’s original dream was to become a professional badminton player, not a K-pop icon. And, interestingly enough, Jungkook aims to eventually own a duck restaurant or to become a tattoo artist, according to BTS Diary.

Once Jungkook realized he wanted to become a singer, he auditioned for Superstar K3, South Korea’s number one talent audition show, in its third season. Jungkook was eliminated, but it might have been for the best.

“In 7th grade, I had dreams of becoming a singer after listening to G-Dragon sunbaenim’s songs,” explained Jungkook. “Then in 8th grade, I got casted by Big Hit after leaving the Superstar K3 auditions and became a part of Bangtan.”

According to Jungkook, things were a little difficult at first when he became a trainee under Big Hit. “In order to become a trainee I came from Busan to Seoul but I was shy and couldn’t make friends, so I was kind of lonely…,” said Jungkook. But that clearly didn’t last — now he has all of BTS backing him up.

It seems clear that it all worked out for the best for Jungkook. Superstar K3 was his big break, bringing him to the forefront of talent scouts’ attention.

BTS hits the charts hard

One of the big factors in Jungkook’s impressive net worth is the rampant success BTS has experienced in South Korea. The Korean Reputation Center, a business consultancy that utilizes big data to rank K-pop icons, ranked Jungkook in position number two. That means Jungkook beat out 986 other pop icons to reach his rank. Pretty impressive.

The Korean Reputation Center considers participation, media, communication, and community when ranking stars. Number one actually went to Jungkook’s band member, Jimin. The rest of BTS also managed to hit the top ten, ranking as follows: Jungkook (second), V (fourth), Jin (fifth), RM (sixth), Suga (seventh) and J-hope (eighth).

And that’s not the end of the line for Jungkook. The pop icon is interested in composing, hoping to learn more about developing brilliant lyrics. We might be seeing an even more impressive Jungkook in the coming years.

Jungkook’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jungkook’s net worth clocks in at roughly $8 million. But we expect that number to keep climbing, especially with BTS becoming more popular by the day.

Aside from his work with the band directly, Jungkook also earns cash from product endorsements. He’s been known to endorse Puma, Coca-Cola, and Mattel. Jungkook’s star power is so strong that after mentioning off the cuff that he uses Downy for his laundry, the company’s stock rose by more than 11% in a single day. If that doesn’t tell you how popular BTS is, nothing will.

Jungkook has also appeared on several South Korean television shows. These include Flower Crew, Celebrity Bromance, and King of Mask Singer.

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