Who Is The Richest Culpo Sister And How They Earn Their Fortunes


Growing up in Rhode Island, the Culpo Sisters are of Irish and Italian ancestry and grew up in a large household alongside their parents and two brothers. Their father provided a well-to-do living as he was a restaurateur and owner of several businesses in Boston. As children, they attended an all-girls Catholic school before the oldest sister Olivia Culpo began her pageantry career. She went on to win the Miss Universe title, and almost a decade later, TLC approached the model to give a glimpse into her household and the lives of her sisters. Each of the Culpo Sisters has flourished in her background over the last few years, and the first season gave a glimpse into their glamorous and dramatic lives.

Olivia, Sophia, and Aurora Culpo have begun earning a massive living from their reality television show, and the sisters have also ventured into several businesses to continue growing their fortune. Let’s look at the wealthiest Culpo Sister and how the trio has earned their net worth over the years.

Who Are The Culpo Sisters?

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Olivia Culpo is the middle child among her five siblings, with Aurora being her older sister and Sophia the youngest. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Olivia won Miss. Rhode Island pageant in 2012 and became Miss USA the same year. She has been crowned Miss Universe and gained a sizable following on her social media accounts. Since then, she has made minor appearances in movies such as The Other Woman and American Satan. Olivia has graced the magazine covers for Sports Illustrated, Grazia, and Fashion.

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The oldest siblings are Aurora Culpo, a social-media influencer, and mother of two. Fans can glimpse into her life as a young mother and a sustainable and environmentally conscious product promoter. Sophia Culpo is the youngest sister of the trio who shares health tips with her followers on social media since she has a Bachelor in Nutrition studies, as noted by Life & Style Magazine. Sophia is also a social media influencer as she endorses various products and manages her career as a model.

The Culpo Sisters’ Business Ventures

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Over the last decade, Olivia Culpo has established a successful business empire with multiple businesses under the name. She has a staggering net worth of $7 million which includes revenues from different sources. With 5.2 million followers on social media, she makes a sizable fortune with each post. Her successful business ventures include two restaurants in Rhode Island: Back 40 and Union & Main. Olivia also has a mask-manufacturing business which gives some of the proceeds to the Period Movement. In 2020, she joined the spirits sector with the launch of Vide, a ready-to-drink vodka brand, as stated by Forbes.

Aurora Culpo is slowly grasping her strength as she becomes a social media influencer with 163,000 followers on her social media account. Since graduation, she has focused on developing her fitness career and offers Pilates and training demonstrations on social media. Sophia Culpo has over 219,000 followers on her Instagram and concentrates on improving her modeling career. She endorses multiple brands on the platform, including the candle-making company, Wake Up Heart, the plant-based capsule company Seed, and the cosmetic brand Beauty Center. With a net worth far higher than her sisters, Olivia Culpo is the richest Culpo sibling in the family.

The Culpo Sisters On TLC

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Olivia Culpo was the only sister under constant public eye since her days as Miss Universe in 2012. Her sisters Aurora and Sophia have also become global stars since The Culpo Sisters began airing on TLC. The reality show does a deep dive into the sisters’ lives alongside their parents as they navigate personal relationships and the world of social media. With only a few episodes of the show aired, fans are already drawn to the strong bond between the siblings as they stay together through thick and thin. Some of the most highlighted moments from the season include planning their parents’ 35th wedding anniversary and opening their family restaurants in Rhode Island.

The Culpo Sisters have gained a massive following, with fans awaiting the release of each episode. Sharing personal lives is not easy, and Sophia has mentioned that it was an emotional rollercoaster to let the cameras see their homes and families for network television. Cheat Sheet mentioned that the show’s first season only comprised six episodes, and fans are shocked but eagerly waiting for the second to be greenlit.

The Culpo Sisters have soon become emerging stars with the launch of their TLC show and continue to stay in the A-list circles through their attendance at award shows and fashion events. While fans anxiously wait for the second season, the sisters can be actively seen on their social media accounts.

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