Woman, 50, whose weight dropped to less than 5 STONE welcomes twins

Woman who thought she couldn’t have children after her periods stopped during a 20-year battle with anorexia that saw her weight drop to just over 4st welcomes twins at FIFTY thanks to a sperm donor and IVF

  • Christine Forshaw, from Epsom, Surrey, welcomed twin daughters in April
  • Customer services administrator spent around £20,000 on four rounds of IVF
  • Had struggled with anorexia since age 14 – with weight dropping to almost 4st 

A 50-year-old woman has welcomed twins despite doctors fears that years of suffering from anorexia would’ve made her infertile.

Christine Forshaw, 50, from Epsom, Surrey, was on her fourth attempt at IVF and had spent around £20,000 on treatment when she welcomed her daughters Emily Tracey weighing 4lb 12oz and Grace Christine 5lb 8oz in April.

The customer services administrator, who suffered from anorexia between ages 14 to 34, said doctors were unsure if she would be fertile because she hadn’t had a normal period in years and at her lowest she weighed close to just 4 stone.

Having divorced her husband of 10 months aged 29, she revealed it wasn’t until years later that she decided to undergo fertility treatment after speaking to a friend about her desire to have children. 

Christine Forshaw, 50, from Epsom, Surrey, welcomed daughters Emily Tracey weighing 4lb 12oz and Grace Christine 5lb 8oz (pictured) in April

Christine, who had battled anorexia since age 14, decided to try IVF over 10 years after her divorce. Pictured: Christine on her wedding day 

Christine was age 46 when she had her first attempt at IVF in 2017, undergoing  treatment privately at a clinic in London. 

Christine said: ‘Daddy is a sperm donor, I don’t know who he is. But I chose him from a website. It’s a bit like amazon.

‘You look at the criteria for the donor, all his information. I know his hair colour, blood group and hobbies. His hair is dark brown, his eyes are green. You get a catalogue number, put it in a basket and pay for it.

The 50-year-old paid £275 a year to keep the sperm in a freezer as she underwent her treatments.

Christine admits that the ‘heartbreak’ of three failed attempts almost caused her to give up on her dreams of having a baby. 

She said the fear of regretting not giving it one more try spurred her on, with medics explaining that they would put two eggs in and there would be a 5 per cent chance of twins.  

Christine (pictured), who got pregnant on her fourth IVF attempt, decided to keep her pregnancy a secret until 26 weeks

Christine (pictured left, with a friend) had previously struggled with her weight while trying to  achieve a figure like model Kate Moss


Anorexia is an eating disorder and a mental health condition.

People diagnosed with it try to keep their weight as low as possible by eating little or excessive exercise.

Men and women can develop the illness, however it typically starts in the mid-teens.

Those with anorexia can have a distorted image of their bodies, thinking they’re fat when in fact they are severely underweight.

Causes of the condition are unknown, but those with it have either low self-esteem, have a family history of eating disorders or feel pressured from society or place of work.

Long term health complications can include muscle and bone problems, loss of sex drive, kidney or bowel problems or having a weakened immune system.

Treatment for anorexia can include cognitive behavioural therapy.

Having discovered her pregnancy with a home test, the clinic carried out blood tests before confirming the IVF had worked. 

‘I went back again at seven weeks for another check. As the doctor examined me I said to him ‘oh, you’re going to tell me I’m having twins aren’t you?’ When he said ‘yes’ I fell off the bed,’ Christine said.

Christine explained that she kept her pregnancy a secret from everyone except her best friend until 26 weeks because she was wary that things could go wrong. 

The divorcee will be living with her parents, David, 82, and 77-year-old Val, before she starts looking for her own place. 

Christine gave birth by C-section at 36 weeks after doctors found one of the babies was breech. Pictured: Christine after giving birth

She admitted that she was worried about telling them she was having ‘twins’, but her dad reassured her that he just wants her to be happy.

The babies were born by C-section at 36 weeks after doctors found one of them was breech. They had been due on May 11 but Christine was admitted to Epsom District Hospital early and the twins were delivered on April 30. Emily first followed by Grace three minutes later. 

The customer services administrator gushed that her ‘life is now complete’. 

Christine had weighed a healthy 8½ stone and was 5ft 6in tall when her anorexia started at just age 14, after an actor in theatre group made an off-hand comment, asking ‘you’re the fattest in your family aren’t you Christine?’. 

Christine had been due to give birth on May 11 but was admitted to Epsom District Hospital early. Pictured: The twins after birth 

Her family began to worry, when compulsive dieting and making excuses to skip meals led her weight to plunge.    

Christine said: ‘Kate Moss was my ideal figure, but I knew I was thinner than her. But all I did was eat a couple more mints. 

‘Then the next day I’d think my stomach was sticking out again.’

By age 24, her hair had thinned, she had hollow facial features and a skeletal frame, while wearing children’s clothes aged 11-12. 

Christine, who weighed 8 stone when she became pregnant, said a friend helped her to get her life back. Pictured: Christine’s twin daughters 

She explained that her health improved after she got married at age 29, but she was soon at her ‘lowest’ again when the marriage last just 10 months. 

Christine said a friend helped her to get her life back and by the time she turned 39, she was fully over her eating disorder.      

She weighed a healthy 8 stone when she became pregnant and had also started acting again, having spent several months travelling in Australia. 

‘I could never thank my friend enough. I’ve been given a second chance, now I have my girls I can look forward to a wonderful future,’ Christine said. 

Christine said she has been given a second chance and is looking forward to the future now that she has her daughters (pictured) 

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