Woman bitten by cat in her garden dies ‘after A&E doctors missed sepsis’

A mum died after she was bitten by a stray cat and then sent home from hospital without antibiotics.

Gabriele Kreichgauer looked after a stray moggy called Tiggy when it came into her Woolwich garden, her daughter Amalie said following the inquest at Southwark Coroner's Court.

The former web designer checked in to the A&E at Newham General Hospital on January 21 following the run in with the feline.

A junior doctor used a computer to find out what treatment was needed, wrongly diagnosing her condition as cat scratch fever.

Despite being prescribed antibiotics she left the hospital without any medication before dying from sepsis two days later at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.

Her 28-year-old daughter, from south-east London, told The Sun : "I think what makes me most angry is that she wasn’t even given the medication to treat the bite. The whole family is still struggling to come to terms with what happened.”

Amalie said her mum had looked after the cat like it was "one of her own".

“She had a huge compassion for animals and used to love all types of animals," she added.

The coroner’s report noted that the woman died from a infected cat bite.

The court heard the bite would have required a different treatment.

"Even if she had been given antibiotics it is therefore likely that these would not have been effective," Assistant coroner Philip Barlow said.

The coroner urged Barts Health NHS Trust to update the computer software used by its hospitals.

In a statement the trust apologised for its failings before noting that new systems had been put in place to provider safer clinical care.

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