Woman claims she was sold ‘fake’ ring by Pandora which turned her finger green

A woman has hit out at jewellery retailer Pandora after claiming she bought a ring from one of its stores which turned out to be a fake.

Ainsley Corrigan splashed out £60 on the ring in last year's Boxing Day sales but was unable to wear it because it regularly turned her finger green.

She decided to return it to her nearest store in St Helens Merseyside last week after realising it was still under warranty.

However, Ainsley was left stunned when a member of staff claimed the ring she bought in Warrington's Golden Square shopping centre was not a piece of Pandora jewellery.

She told the Liverpool Echo : "My boyfriend said to me one day 'you bought that ring but you never bloody wear it'. I said well it always turns my finger green.

"He asked if I had the receipt and I said yes, and we realised it had a two year warranty.

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"So we went into St Helens and when I went into the shop the girl looked at it and she said 'that's not Pandora'.

"I said 'it is, I physically bought it in Pandora in Warrington'. We were annoyed as well because it felt like they were trying to make out it was me going round with fake rings trying to take them back.

"I genuinely bought that ring in a Pandora shop, I gave my hard earned money for this ring only to be told there's no hallmark on it and the metal you can see is not rose gold, it's not the real thing.

"I was fuming."

Ainsley, who works for a fire and security alarm company, has asked Pandora to track the purchase and contact the member of staff mentioned on the receipt.

However an email from Pandora customer services, seen by the Echo, explained there is nothing that the company can do.

Pandora has been contacted by Mirror Online for comment.

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