Woman opens up about ‘outie’ labia in candid TikTok video about female anatomy

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A woman was praised online after opening up about having an 'outie' labia in a TikTok video.

Gabriella Scaringe, 23, explained the difference between 'Innie vs Outie' labias after one of her previous videos sparked questions from followers.

In the clip, the New Yorker said: "So in my last video I explained that I had an outie and a lot of you guys commented and said you didn't know what that meant or what that was.

"So are you ready for your anatomy lesson today?"

Gaby went on to list point the differences between an 'innie' vs an 'outie', adding: "So you have your outer labia and your inner labia.

"An 'innie' is when your outer labia protrudes more than your inner labia.

"So you don't really see the inside stuff or you don't really see the inside stuff as much as you would if you weren't.

"So when you think of innie think of Barbie, think of it looking like a seashell, maybe it's a little bit puffy, ya know… it's cute."

She continued: "I personally identify as an outie which means my inner parts protrude a little more than my outer parts. And outies get a bad rep because they're called the Arby's sandwich, or the burger… every panini is beautiful."

People were loving Gaby's video, with hundreds praising her for posting the clip on TikTok.

One wrote: "I literally cried my eyes out and wanted to get surgery when I was a teenager cause of the hate for outies. We really gotta tell teens more that it's ok!"

While another added: "Girl I actually love this. I have an innie but I love that you're bringing awareness to this because people really need it."

A third chimed in: "I used to try and tuck mine in a lil until I got older and embraced my outtie. Ladies, our bodies are beautiful."

A male follower also added: "Speaking on behalf of the guys, we really are not fussed, a panini is a panini. Don't be insecure about it, everyone is beautiful in their own way."

Speaking to Tyla, Gaby said: "I've always been comfortable talking about the things that might be uncomfortable to some – especially surrounding sex.

"I majored in entrepreneurship in college and worked on my underwear line, Cherri, that emphasises vaginal wellness, throughout school. I'd discuss sex work, vaginas, menstruation, anything really in class. So it only makes sense that labias would naturally be something I'd talk about on social media too.

"The response to my videos has been so surprising. It has created a lot of interest in my underwear brand, Cherri, which is awesome and the amount of vulva owners who have flooded the comment section and my personal DMs talking about how they thought they were abnormal is astounding."

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