Woman turns ‘building site’ room into cosy bedroom for unwell mum in four days

A woman revealed how she transformed her open plan hall and living room into a bedroom in just four days to allow her mum to live with her.

Terri Ritchie needed to quickly make a place to stay for her mum who became unwell with a “sudden illness”.

Posting on Facebook, in the DIY On A Budget group, she told how her mum was coming to live with her after being unwell.

Writing how she was determined to complete the transformations fast, she said: “We had to build a bedroom from an open plan hall/living room which was a building suite after an extension.”

In the post online, she explained that her loved ones had stopped in to help with the home renovation.

Terri continued: “Family and friends were amazing helping us out and we did this in four days so she can come home tomorrow.”

Alongside her post, the Brit shared several before and after snaps of the amazing home makeover.

Before the transformation, the room looked spacious and messy, with building equipment left laying across the floor.

Terri then installed a new wall in her home, adding a large pair of double doors, before jazzing up the room with paint.

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Members of the Facebook group were very impressed with her results, with many praising Terri for the thoughtful transformation.

One said: “Well done! Amazing work in 4 days, lucky mum x.”

Another commented: “Wow, so gracious of you. It’s beautiful. I’m sure she’ll feel your love.”

A third praised: You are a good daughter. Bravo.”

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