Woman with ‘cute belly rolls’ praised for showcasing natural size 14 body

A woman has revealed what her ‘natural’ size 14 body looks like first thing in the morning as she urged fans to ‘love’ their own.

Helen Scott is a presenter and an influencer who describes herself as a “big gay sister” and “best friend in one". And, it seems like she takes her self-confessed title quite seriously.

In a recent TikTok clip, Helen spread a body positive message as she has revealed what her ‘natural’ size 12/14 body looks like first thing in the morning.

As she donned a grey bra and a cheeky white thong, the blonde babe flaunted her relaxed tum as she sat on her bed.

Helen explained: “Good morning gorgeous humans, here is my UK size 12 slash 14 bod first thing in the morning.

“Starting off with my beautiful belly rolls, they’re so cute. So I pulled my thong up super high because this is how people usually portray themselves on the internet.”

The influencer and presenter then pulled her panties up to her waist, which gave her an illusion of a cinched waist.

She continued: “But I wanted to pull it down just to show you what everybody looks like if they just wore their thongs normally.”

Helen then pulled her undies down to her hips to show how people look if they were to wear them as ‘normal’.

The body positive babe then documented: “Cute little back rolls, cellulite on my bottom.

“Here’s a side view of me pulling in and then just let myself be natural because hello, pasta and McDonald's is life.

“Once more this is it worn high, this is how people portray themselves but you are gorgeous just as you are whether you want to wear them like that or not okay.”

Helen revealed how different her body looked when she sucked in and stood relaxed.

She urged: “Whatever size you are, you are just bloody gorgeous. Please look in the mirror and love yourself today.”

Since being posted, Helen’s clip has racked up 41,000 views and endless comments from women who have thanked her for sharing the self-love clip.

One person commented: “I needed this today.”

Another user added: “Real woman.”

While a third person voiced: “Beautiful queen. Thank you for being REAL.”

Someone else praised: “I can’t tell you how much I needed this today. Thank you! Am struggling with body confidence.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person expressed: “You have my exact body type, this makes me so happy to see.”

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