Woman’s safety tips go viral as she warns women to avoid nearest cafe to home

A TikToker shared street-smart tips to keep other women safe – especially if they live alone.

She wants her viewers to make themselves difficult to be followed by stalkers.

Kaylen Zahara realises not every single girl or young adult woman have the same mindsets when it came to street safety.

And predators are likely to hunt for targets who don't have awareness, she added.

In the viral video she posted on TikTok, Kaylen explains: "So, when you are shopping for errands and going to the gym, and going to your favourite coffee shop and brunch spot, you are becoming consistent for someone who is tracking you.

"You need to be so consistent with being inconsistent that you are then too difficult for them, that it's too much effort to try and track you."

Kaylen added: "You need to be going to different coffee shops all the time, don't go to the Target that's right next to your house, do different things.

"Spread it out. Drive the extra miles to run errands and the next week, don't go there anymore.

"Then go to the place that's close to you. Switch it up so much."

Stalkers could tack people who have a set of fixed routines – as this makes them easier targets.

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Kaylen warned those people could be "out there with the intentions of participating in sex trafficking, kidnapping, raping".

The influencer suggested women to pay attention when leaving from a place and to check if there is anyone following or any suspicious car parked nearby.

"Start thinking outside the box," Kaylen suggested.

"Prioritise your safety because people live day in and out trying to harm others.

"Do certain things that throw people off – get the alarm system on every time you get your front door open, let that s*** ring hell aloud so that everybody will know."

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