Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

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Your sexoscope for the week of June 7 to June 13:


Friday’s Leo Moon puts you in the mood for some action. That plus the über social attitude you have during Gemini season equals you effortlessly scoring a hookup! Venus’ entry into Gemini on Saturday reminds you that variety is the spice of life and tons of potential new lovers start sliding into your DMs!

The hot-and-bothered Leo Moon = great sexytimes with your boo to de-stress from your week this Friday! The physical side of your situationship is flourishing, but what about the emotional aspect? This week, you finally determine the relationship after a super emotional moment together—which could be very good or very bad.

Make sure you have time alone with your lover on Friday, because the Virgo Moon for the remainder of the weekend could mean you’re called into work. On the bright side, Venus moving into Gemini this weekend starts off three weeks of more experimentation in your relationship—a little dirty talk, perhaps some kinky new toys, or even a third person, if you’re into that!


Friday night’s agenda includes one thing: going to bed early after a long f*cking week! You have hella cuties (and everyone in your group chat) trying to get you to go out, but take a night off. Besides, Venus entering Gemini on Saturday means connecting with new people, finding a one-night-stand, and having a fun time in general becomes much more likely!

If you haven’t DTR yet:

You have to do things at your own pace. Being rushed is your biggest pet peeve of all time, but guess what your almost-boo is doing this weekend? Yup—trying to get you to put a label on your ‘ship even if you’re not ready for it yet. Take all of the time you need, Taurus. They should know that you’re well worth the wait!

Your Friday night Netflix and chill sesh gets cut short when you’re totally asleep before you finish the episode. Luckily, Saturday fares better, thanks to the Virgo Moon in your chart’s romance/sex sector making your bedroom the hottest spot of your weekend! (And you’re much more awake to binge Black Mirror after).


A showy Leo Moon brings the perfect party vibe for your b-day celebrations this Friday, and Venus entering your sign on Saturday means you’re looking and feeling more magnetic than ever! Don’t get too lit during your b-day party, though—the Virgo Moon the rest of the weekend suggests you’re shacked up at home, and you don’t want it to be because of a hangover from hell!

Friday’s fiery Leo Moon gets you and your boo texting/DMing/FaceTiming all day long. They’re giving you major heart-eyes and you’re eating it up, but will your flirtationship ever become something serious? You might not GAF about that, but they push the issue this week. Venus entering your sign this weekend means a more sexy and romantic few weeks ahead, regardless of whether you decide to put a label on it or peace out.

Your partner has experienced the best and worst of your multiple personalities, and this week it all comes back around in a way that feels karmic. If the little devil on your shoulder has been influencing how you treat your partner, expect a tense week. But if you’ve been the best partner ever, lucky Jupiter attracts major good juju to your chart’s relationships zone and upgrades your relationship i.e. engagement, moving in together, or starting a family.


The high-energy Leo Moon has you feeling cute this Friday, so step out and find some trouble to get into! Mercury in your sign means you’re a master at small talk and flirting now, and your newfound social expertise helps you bag a real hottie. Enjoy ‘em while you can, because Venus entering Gemini on Saturday means your love life enters sleep mode for the next few weeks.

If you were looking forward to date night this weekend, sorry! You don’t get stood up, but a more fun opportunity (like your squad begging you to go out) shows up that you opt for instead. Although you’re not technically in a relationship, your boo gives you the silent treatment. The silver lining here is at least you know they have real feelings for you—too bad it took you stepping on their toes to figure it out!

You’re a classic introvert, Cancer. You’re the sign of home and domestic life, and your constellation, the crab, represents how you tend to stay withdrawn in your shell. Gemini season makes this ring especially true, and when Venus enters Gemini this weekend, you’re about as likely to be seen in public as Bigfoot. The next few weeks are for you to relax, take it easy with your partner, and live life behind the scenes. Enjoy!


Your zodiacal season isn’t until July, but it’s still somehow all about you this Friday! The Moon in your sign plus Gemini season’s energy is making your charming attitude even more attractive, so you’re really embodying your sign’s planetary ruler, the Sun, with all the people gravitating around you trying to get your number!

There’s a certain point in a relationship where you and your partner are finally “together” enough to meet each other’s friends, and guess what—this weekend is that time! Venus in Gemini, starting Saturday, means less sex and romance but more expanding your social circle, so although action in the bedroom gets toned down now, all of the memories you’re making out and about with your boo more than make up for it.

Gemini season and Venus entering Gemini on Saturday highlight your platonic relationships most, so you’re going out way more with the besties, sans partner. As much fun as you’re having, try not to neglect your S.O.—invite them along for a night out this weekend to make sure your love life continues to run smoothly for the next couple of weeks.


Wah wah, Friday night’s Leo Moon is a total bummer for you. You’re stuck in your feels, but if you can get over the moodiness and head out, running into an eccentric new special someone is likely! Even if you don’t end up taking them home with you, grab their number and try again on Saturday, when the Moon enters your sign and connecting is way easier.

You’re the zodiac’s hardest worker, a total perfectionist who would rather work triple-overtime than leave your job without finishing up. Not only are you killing yourself with all of this grinding at work, but you’re killing your love life, too! Your boo’s feeling left out of your life, and this week they need you to show them you prioritize them too sometimes, or they’re going to hit the road.

When was the last time you took off work, or at least clocked out on time? You’re climbing the corporate ladder all Gemini season (esp when Venus scoots into Gemini on Saturday) but your partner is over being your second choice! It’s not like you’re about to split up or anything, but shit hits the fan this week if you continue to only have eyes for your next paycheck, not your lover, and this relationship tension is even more noticeable in bed.


Head out with your crush this Friday—the outgoing Leo Moon fires up your natural charisma and guarantees that you’re standing out as the life of the party. You’re completely irresistible, but make sure you get home before the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella, because the bad attitude you catch with Saturday’s Virgo Moon is enough to send your Prince Charming running the other way!

Your current paramour been around for a hot minute, but that may change this week. Ask yourself (and be honest) if you actually like them, of if you just like having someone cute around. Being with someone just to be with someone isn’t fair to anyone involved, and you’re all about fairness, right? Venus entering Gemini this Saturday encourages more variety in your love life, so unless you’re super into this person, it might be time to call it quits.

Everyone reaches low points with their partner, and this weekend may be one of them for you—performance issues in bed, feeling neglected, or just a bad attitude might temporarily sour your love life. Listen, you and your S.O. might feel salty ATM, but it’s just because you need a little more variety in your relationship. Shopping for toys or lingerie together, trying something new in bed, or even introducing a third person add just enough spice to your life to smooth everything over.


Instead of your regular weekend hangout, try a bar on the other side of town this Friday so you can go birdwatching in a crowd full of brand new cuties. The potential for exciting new connections is mega high for your sign this weekend, and discovering your next crush (or just finding a fun little fling) is super supported by this astrology.

Uranus, planet of surprises, stirs up your chart’s relationships zone this weekend, so defining your relationship OR splitting up can happen out of nowhere! With Uranus, you have to expect the unexpected, so your love life is totally up in the air. This week could be interpreted as super intimate and including hotter-than-hot sex, or trust issues galore plus some hard conversations—either way, expect it to be intense.

Trying a brand new spot for date night or planning a day-cation with your boo are great ways to use Friday’s astrology! Uranus, planet of surprises, shakes up your love life, and it would be better for you to preemptively try something new before Uranus catches you off-guard with unexpected antics from your partner. You and your S.O. are both low-key feeling a little over it, but a little variety goes a long way and reignites the spark between you and improves chemistry both in and out of the bedroom.


Instead of collecting cuties’ numbers, you’ve been bonding with coworkers instead, thanks to Venus in Taurus, but your love life finally finds some action this weekend when Venus enters Gemini on Saturday! This activates your chart’s relationships zone, so attracting a new mate (long-term or a one-night-only type of deal) is waaaaay more likely now.

Uh-oh, it looks like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew! Between a busy work life, hectic home life, and your almost-relationship, you’re running on fumes and you’re pooped! This week, enforce boundaries with your job, roommates and/or family, and your boo. They’re all expecting too much out of you, so if you need to cut your hours, mute the family group chat, or tell bae you’re better off as friends, this is your week.

Clock out early and just do you this Friday—you deserve a break from everyone else and some self-care time alone. After unwinding, you wake up Saturday feeling refreshed and happier than ever to see your partner thanks to Venus’ entry into Gemini. The planet of love here aims to improve all things re: relationships in your life and encourages you to try new things, both in and out of the bedroom!


The Leo Moon’s fiery energy has you feeling hot-and-bothered this Friday, so your weekend hookup promises to be extra thrilling! You have a very set-in-stone “type”, but you’re swept off your feet by someone who doesn’t fit the bill (at all) and turns your idea of what/who is/isn’t attractive on its head!

Uranus, planet of surprises, shakes up your chart’s love/sex zone on Friday so you can expect big changes (in your favor) to your love life thanks to the oddly-named planet! Yes, you deplore change and love routine, but this weekend’s astrology changes your routine for the better. Maybe you discover a new position that hits you just right to become a staple in your sex life or you straight up define the relationship—either way, things look good!

If you’re thinking about marriage, moving in together or starting a family, you’re in luck—your S.O. catches you off-guard this weekend and brings it up before you do, and the resulting conversation goes great. You’re already in a LTR, but taking your relationship more seriously and changing the routine in your love life is a theme this week, and you’re making tons of progress.


Finding your match is your top priority this Friday under the Leo Moon. You likely find someone to take home because of the Virgo Moon in your chart’s intimacy zone for the rest of the weekend. BTW, Venus enters Gemini this weekend, aka the planet of love is in your chart’s love/sex zone, so prepare for a few more weekends just as hot as this one!

Screw everyone else, this weekend is all about you and your boo! The Leo Moon supplies all you could ever hope for a perfect Friday night together—it’s romantic, but not too emotional, and you’re feeling just frisky enough to ensure your night ends with a bang. Venus enters Gemini this weekend, which means the next few weeks will be the luckiest ones of the entire year for your love life!

As a fixed sign, commitment is totally your thing, and when you find your person (like you have now!) you stick with them for good! Good news is, your love life goes beautifully this weekend thanks to your chart’s zones of relationships, intimacy, and sex/romance all being activated, but the bad news is your friends feel salty with all the time you’re spending with your partner. A little balance goes a long way to make sure everyone is happy this week.


You’re stuck at work on Friday, but your phone is blowing up all night long with hotties sliding into your DMs! Sure, you can’t fool around with them until later, but the Virgo Moon on Saturday in your chart’s relationships zone means that connecting with someone on an emotional level (you’re a water sign) and a physical level (Virgo is an earth sign) is easier than ever! Whether it’s a first date or a hookup, you’re getting some serious action this weekend.

The Virgo Moon on Saturday makes you want to be with your boo 24/7! You’re the most emotional sign by far, but Gemini season (and Venus entering Gemini this weekend) encourages you to be less of a feeler and more of a talker. In place of your usual Netflix and chill sesh, try having a deeper conversation. There are plenty of ways to be closer, and getting to know your partner on a more intimate level outside of the bedroom makes the connection in bed way hotter.

Gemini season isn’t exactly the most exciting time of year for your sign, but Mercury in Cancer (which is in your chart’s zone of sex/romance) makes this weekend a wild one thanks to its connection with Uranus, planet of surprises, on Friday! Your partner could come out of nowhere with an idea to spice up life in the bedroom. After having a blast trying something new, you can’t believe that you’ve been missing out on all that fun for so long!

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