YouTuber David Dobrik Loses Millions In Sponsorships After His Scandal

David Dobrik was at the very top of his game. As one of the most powerful, influential YouTubers of his time, he had two YouTube channels under his belt which had well over 27 million subscribers. This beloved influencer is known for his comedic personality and soon developed what is now known as the ‘Vlog Squad.’ Riding the waves of his success, he went on to develop a photo and camera sharing app called Dispo. According to Forbes, Dobrik was able to snag the likes of the Chainsmokers and Sofia Vergara as investors in this huge project. All seemed to be moving in his favor, and lucrative deals were consistently coming his way.

Until now. The famed YouTuber has been slammed with allegations of non-consensual actions by a former Vlog Squad member, and it’s very quickly starting to cost him… everything. Upon hearing the news of these serious allegations, his investors are pulling out at a rapid pace, leaving Dobrik and his future fortunes seriously in question.

Huge brands like DoorDash, Dollar Shave Club, and Hello Fresh that have invested so much in not only his social media channels but also in his reputation are not about to stand by and watch this controversial situation unfold. While allegations of highly inappropriate physical misconducts have not yet been confirmed, the mere rumblings of such problems are enough to warrant the immediate release of pre-existing arrangements.

Especially after seeing the horrendous effects that Harvey Weinstein’s actions had on himself and the women he harmed, and the power of the #MeToo movement that soon followed, nobody wants to take a chance of that becoming a repeat performance in their own personal or business spheres.

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The allegations made against Dobrik are having a very harsh and incredibly immediate impact on all aspects of his life. He’s facing challenges in keeping any of his platforms afloat, and his mammoth social media empire is falling to pieces all around him.

In spite of the fact that the allegations have not yet made their way through any legal channels, and Dobrik’s millions are crumbling around him, as sponsorships are quickly being pulled, and fans are exercising their right to click the ‘unfollow’ and ‘unsubscribe’ buttons on their social media channels.

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Sources: Forbes, IBI Time

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