Zara Tindall’s ‘affectionate’ body language shows ‘trust and empathy’ with Queen

Zara Tindall may 'turn down' offer from Queen says expert

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Zara Tindall, 39, is the daughter of Princess Anne, 70, and the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, 94. When she has been seen with the monarch, a body language expert suggested they have a “trusting” relationship.

Zara and her brother Peter Phillips, 43, are the eldest grandchildren of the Queen.

While they are members of the Royal Family, they are seen in public less often than their royal cousins.

This is largely because they have not worked as senior royals during their lives.

When they were born, Zara and Peter did not receive Her Royal Highness titles which has helped them to stay out of the public eye. 

Instead of forging a career as a working royal like her mother, Zara has worked as an equestrian.

While she will not carry out official royal duties, the royal has been seen with the monarch at various events in the past, and before coronavirus restrictions were in place.

When they appeared together, body language expert Judi James commented on their relationship.

Speaking specifically on one outing, she claimed Zara “increased the proximity” to show “trust”.

The expert continued: “Zara points something out to the Queen, who mirrors her gesture to show like-minded empathy.

“Zara even leans towards her grandmother to increase the proximity.

“This places their heads close together to signal trust.”

When Zara and the monarch have stepped out together, the Queen may be different to how she is with other royals.

Judi claimed their close body language in public could be as they do not have a working relationship.

She stated: “There are three key body language signals defining the strong bonds of affection here, their proximity, their touch rituals and their mirroring.

“Zara is probably the most openly tactile and spontaneous-looking member of the royal family as well as being the most good-humoured-looking one and both those qualities seem to have a very positive effect on the Queen.

“It allows her to be more openly demonstrative than she is seen to be in public with most of her other relatives.”

Zara may also represent how the Queen and Princess Anne would spend their time if they were not royals.

“The Queen gave her daughter the gift (and possible curse) of royalty, while Anne gave her own daughter the gift of freedom by removing it,” Judi continued.

“Both the Queen and Anne have been governed by royal duty.

“It’s very likely that Zara symbolises the women they would have been without their titles.”

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