Overweight woman shed 10 stone after her mum's near-death experience

Single mum who weighed 21st loses half her body weight and becomes a personal trainer after fearing she’d leave her daughter, 6, without a mother Kimberly Fisher, 33, from Basingstoke, went from weighing 21st 3lbs to 11st 10lb Said her obese mother’s near-death experience motivated to shed some weight   Now

10 Celebs That Earn Millions As Royalties

A lot of television shows go off-air after a few seasons, but some get to star in long-running shows that are adored by all. Celebs earn a lot of money while the show is in production, but if they make negotiations to earn backend royalties, they earn millions of dollars

From Stage To Screen: 10 Rappers Who Became Successful Hollywood Actors

  Although many rappers have acting skills, finding phenomenal success in music, as well as the movies, is truly awe-inspiring. Rappers, at the start of their careers, are revered for their raw and uncut lyrical content, often depicting the harshness of the hand they were dealt in life. While some

10 Highest Paid Reality TV Stars On Cameo

Several reality TV stars have earned millions overtime on Cameo, a website for video sharing based in Chicago, which is hugely popular as fans can receive personalized video messages from their beloved stars. Over the years, the app has gained fame, and up to 30,000 celebrities have become a part

10 Richest Rappers In The World, 2021

Many famous rappers are often seen draped in gold chains, riding in fancy supercars, and living in luxury mansions. As a result, many rappers have earned their spot on the list of the wealthiest folks in the world. When it comes to rapping and hip-hop, some famous names can be

Top 10 countries for remote workers: Study

Remote working a big success for businesses Forbes contributor Chris Carosa joins Trace Gallagher to discuss how employers and employees are finding success in remote working. While various parts of the globe begin to reopen as more people get vaccinated, remote workers might feel inspired to go abroad. For this

Shop 10 Mother's Day Gifts For The Mom Who Loves Designers Bags

Mother’s Day is around the corner and luckily, there’s still enough time to order a gift for the leading lady in your life. Spring collections have started to drop and if you’re in the mood to splurge, there’s a list of luxe selects on the market. For the mom who

Man spends over £10,000 getting whole body inked in 40-day tattoo marathon

An Arizona man spent more than £10,000 having his whole body tattooed in a mere 40 days after being inspired by a model on Instagram. Marketing specialist Paul Steiger, 35, from Scottsdale, Arizona, first dreamt of getting his whole body tattooed in 2017 after seeing a model on Instagram who

Test Your Balance With This 10-Second Challenge from UFC Legend Georges St-Pierre

Retired UFC legend Georges St-Pierre shared a new fitness challenge to his followers on Instagram this week, and thankfully it doesn’t involve any Rocky-style theatrics in the snow. “Challenge of the week guys, this is a great one for stability and balance. I want you to stand on one foot,

What Bianca From 10 Things I Hate About You Is Doing Today

Despite being over two decades old, 10 Things I Hate About You has remained one of the most popular teen rom-com classics. Generations of girls have grown up relating to either the rebellious Kat (portrayed by Julia Stiles) or the popular Bianca (Larisa Oleynik), both of whom are strong female protagonists.