Why you should ALWAYS soak your vacuum hose

The shocking photo that proves why you should ALWAYS soak your vacuum hose A mum has shared how to clean an unlikely part of the vacuum cleaner  Faith promoted others to wash the vacuum hose to remove the filth inside  An image of the hose soaking in a bath showed

Listen To This: Always Find A Way!

Ambar Lucid is  the future! It took many years for Kali Uchis to break wide, but she did – and we are so happy for her! We predict the same for Ambar Lucid! It is so exciting to see Latine artists making fully and unapologetically bilingual songs. Tunes that are

Passengers won't always know if they're due to fly on Boeing 737 Max

UK airline passengers won’t always know if they are due to fly on a Boeing 737 Max – with Ryanair saying it would be ‘impossible’ to let customers know in advance The Boeing 737 Max has been cleared to fly again by regulators in the US   Once it receives European

You Should Always Drink More Water When You Up Your Fiber Intake

Yes, everyone wants to feel full for hours after they eat lunch and never be bloated again. But like, how?!? Well, there’s one solution that’s not exactly sexy (your grandma probably swears by it), but it works: fiber, baby. Sure, you can get your fiber intake from having a fiber

I ALWAYS have sex with my socks on like Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard – my man loves it and it guarantees intense orgasms – The Sun

WEARING socks during sex has long been a contentious subject. Some say it’s a lazy turn-off, others just want toasty toes. Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard reignited the debate after keeping his ankle warmers on during a steamy ‘sex’ session with Maura Higgins. Meanwhile, a Dutch study found wearing socks during

Why You Should ALWAYS Check Your Nutrition Label For 'Soy Protein Isolate'

It’s in power bars, some breakfast cereals, and even the Impossible Burger: soy protein isolate. You know what “soy” is. ✔️ You know what “protein” is. ✔️ But…the isolate part? And the three words strung together? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Soy protein isolate, a.k.a. SPI, isn’t as confusing as it sounds—promise. First things

The Queen ALWAYS sits next to the bride in Royal wedding photos because she outranks everyone – even the bride’s mum – The Sun

ROYAL brides are always stood next to the Queen in official photos – rather than their own mothers – as the monarch outranks them all. As the Queen and Prince Phillip attended yet another royal wedding, this time Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston’s, despite the bride only being the