This Single-Ingredient Moisturizer Gives Me All-Day Protection From Ashiness

Summer 2021 will forever be remembered as the summer when outside finally opened back up. But one thing I'll never forget is how the blazing hot, swampy weather made me want to go back inside voluntarily. Now don't get me wrong, I'm definitely someone who loves super warm weather, but

Love Island’s Lucinda left horrified after hair turns green – here’s why it happens

Love Love Island? Our Factor 50 email brings all the goss direct to your inbox If you tuned in to Sunday night’s Love Island, you’ll have watched plenty of drama unfold around Lucinda Strafford. The uproar was of course boy-related, but there was also drama in the girls’ dressing room

This cool hair trend is inspired by our love of loungewear, apparently

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NASA Astronaut Joan Higginbotham’s Space Skincare Routine Involved 6 ‘Bare Minimum’ Products

Blasting off into space is a truly out-of-this-world experience only a few astronauts (and a handful of billionaires and celebs) get to experience. But, the little routines from Earth are still important while exploring the galaxy. (Eating healthy and working out regularly are non-negotiables for astronauts on long space stays.)

These Exfoliating Pads Treat Every Type of Acne — and the Packaging Is Sustainable

Anyone who has ever dealt with acne knows that finding solutions isn't a one-size-fits-all situation. Depending on the type of blemishes you have, you may need to follow a specific treatment plan prescribed by a dermatologist. As for my own skincare journey, I've definitely had my bouts with acne —

Is the Sugar Coated leg hair removal kit worth the faff?

With summer in full swing, my tights are firmly pushed to the back of the drawer. And though I love my legs getting a little air, it does mean I can’t skimp on the hair removal. Usually shaving is my go-to because salon waxes are pricey and at home kits

How to Get Rid of Blackheads in Ears

Perhaps you’re lying in bed with your partner, or maybe a friend is braiding your hair when all of a sudden they spot something in your ear. As they point it out, your mind races with dreaded possibilities: Did your favorite hat leave some lint behind? Did you not clean

The Truth About Beauty Influencer Mikayla Nogueira’s Glamlite Collection

Like YouTube, TikTok has become one of the biggest platforms for rising beauty influencers. The latest is 22-year-old Mikayla Nogueria, who rose in considerable popularity during the height of lockdown after joining the platform in March 2020. In between online classes, Nogueria filled the time by creating vibrant looks which

90s body mists are back – and this time they’re all grown up

The body mists you used to spritz boundlessly in the P.E changing rooms are back, but they’ve been given a seriously luxe twist… If you close your eyes, it’s probably not difficult to remember engulfing yourself in a cloud of Charlie Red body spray before leaving the house. It was