Tom Hanks on critical race theory: ‘The truth about Tulsa was systematically ignored’

Tom Hanks has spoken out against the conservatives’ love of rewriting American history. In a recent NY Times Op-Ed, Hanks addresses the need for critical race theory education. In case you have been hiding in a dusty corner in a seedy bar, conservatives in several states have been trying to

William Jackson Harper hired a pet psychic for his dog and it kind of worked A post shared by William Jackson Harper (@williamjacksonharper) I know William Jackson Harper, 41, from The Good Place. He’s starring in the Amazon series The Underground Railroad and there are calls for him to be Superman! He would make a great Superman actually. William was on Jimmy Kimmel Live,

Justin Timberlake set up Janet’s wardrobe malfunction to top Britney’s VMAs kiss

We always knew Justin Timberlake was behind Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl, but at long last, we’re getting confirmation. Stylist Wayne Scot Lukas has written a tell-all, tentatively called Wardrobe Malfunctions: Receipts from the Front Lines and Front Row, in which he serves up the goods on

Keri Hilson Details 'Healing' Conversation With Beyoncé After Feud

At one point, Keri Hilson seemed poised to be music‘s next “it girl.” She had hits all over the radio — from the Chris Brown-assisted “Superhuman” to the Grammy-nominated “Knock You Down” — and a growing legion of fans obsessing over it all. But Keri Hilson’s Beyoncé feud bulldozed her