Fans Think It's Time That the Kardashian-Jenners Start Caring About the Kinds of Press Attention They Are Getting

Anyone who has been following pop culture in the past decade has seen the Kardashian-Jenners around. The family is constantly in the news and being discussed on social media. They are highly skilled at gaining people’s attention no matter the situation. However, the Kardashian-Jenners are notorious for getting negative press.

Jon Cryer Says He Didn't Lose His Virginity To Demi Moore, Despite Her Memoir Claiming Otherwise

Demi Moore’s recently published memoir claims that she took Jon Cryer‘s virginity. But as it turns out, this was not the case. The Two and a Half Men star says that although he might have seemed like a virgin at the time, he had actually lost his virginity in high

Donald Trump is thinking about announcing his 2024 run by the end of the year

On Friday, a very orange fascist spoke at the White House podium. Donald Trump said words about prescription drug prices and the coronavirus or something. No one paid much attention, even if it was only his third public appearance since losing the election, something he still has not admitted publicly.

'Titanic' Didn’t Initially Appeal To Leonardo DiCaprio — 'It Was An Experiment'

Leonardo DiCaprio’s starring role in Titanic changed his life forever. The James Cameron-directed blockbuster grossed over $1 billion and solidified DiCaprio as an international superstar.  However, prior to signing on for Titanic, DiCaprio wasn’t very interested in the movie. It was only after he spoke with co-star Kate Winslet and

'General Hospital': The Hilarious Reason Why Kelly Thiebaud's Car Got Towed Every Week When She First Moved to L.A.

General Hospital fans probably know Kelly Thiebaud as the villainous Dr. Britt Westbourne. However, Thiebaud herself is just an actor trying to make things work in the entertainment industry. She also has an interesting story of her early days in Los Angeles. According to Thiebaud, her car used to get

Gabriella Brooks’ Zodiac Sign Makes Her A Stable & Sensual Partner

Gabriella Brooks might just be the perfect match for Luke Hemsworth. While the two haven’t officially confirmed their relationship status, they sure looked cozy in a family photo taken at Hemsworth’s brother Luke’s birthday party on November 7. (Elite Daily previously reached out to reps for Liam and Gabriella for

Dolly Parton Has a Lot to Do With the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine and Twitter Is Overwhelmed

The power Dolly Parton has! The country music icon is being praised all over Twitter for the role she played in the creation of Moderna’s coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies have been rapidly trying to develop a viable vaccine this year. Pfizer had announced on Nov. 9 that its trial

Wendy Williams Spars With Blac Chyna After Claiming She's Homeless

Wendy Williams and Blac Chyna are back it. The TV stars have long had a tense relationship, but things took a turn for the worse on Nov. 16, when Williams blurted out on her show that Blac Chyna had allegedly become homeless. Her remarks prompted a swift clap back from