Healing the Whole Family

The night I submitted my college applications, I lay in bed and stared out my window for hours. I prayed to the moon that I would die soon. On paper, I looked perfect (at least to the adults who told me so): a perfect SAT score in one try, three

How Many Children Does Joe Biden Have?

Former vice president Joe Biden has taken the stage at plenty of rallies with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden. While she has been so visible during his campaign some are curious about his children including how many he has and if he and Jill have any kids together. Here’s more

What Will My Grandchild Remember?

As we celebrated my granddaughter’s third birthday this summer, I made the following rough calculation: I’d trekked from my home in New Jersey to her Brooklyn apartment roughly 150 times to provide once-a-week day care, plus other times as needed. I had taken Bartola (a family nickname borrowed from former

Raising Children Is Harder Than Ever. Some People Are Responding With A Birth Strike.

Are people of the United States staging a birth strike? Writer and activist Jenny Brown thinks so. Consciously or unconsciously, some people are responding to a lack of political and social support with a birth strike and an emotional labor slowdown, she argues in her new book, Birth Strike: The

Children shame their ‘insane’ parents in hilarious viral thread

Parents behaving badly! Children shame their mothers and fathers for outrageous behaviour – including one who found hidden CAMERAS in their bedroom Children from across globe have taken to social media to shame their parents    One parent tracked their child by fitting hidden security cameras in the house Another shot

How ‘Sesame Street’ Started a Musical Revolution

How many ways can you sing about the letter B? On “Sesame Street,” that question has many furry answers. Since its inception in 1969, the public television show has redefined what it means to teach children through TV, with music as its resounding voice. Before “Sesame Street,” it wasn’t even

Lawyers Said Migrant Children Are Kept In "Inhumane" Conditions At This Border Facility

According to a new report from the Associated Press, migrant children are being detained in "inhumane" conditions at a Texas border facility. Lawyers who visited the detention center say that over a dozen children they met had the flu, and that the children there were being denied adequate food, medical