Former Minnesota Police Officer To Be Charged In Death Of Daunte Wright

A Minneapolis-area police officer was arrested on Wednesday after she shot and killed Daunte Wright, 20, last weekend during a traffic stop, officials said.  Washington County Attorney Pete Orput said he plans to charge former Brooklyn Center officer Kim Potter with second-degree manslaughter. He is expected to release more information later Wednesday.

Doctor Who Treated George Floyd Says He Believed Cause Of Death ‘Likely’ Asphyxia

An emergency medicine doctor who treated George Floyd the night he died testified in court Monday that he believed Floyd had died of “asphyxia,” the common term for oxygen deprivation. Dr. Bradford Langenfeld made the statement during his testimony in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer

The deadly crime Matthew Broderick was charged with

For stars who live their life in the spotlight, it’s often difficult to escape past mistakes. Even celebrities who got off easy for serious crimes can’t avoid the air of scrutiny that follows them everywhere. For instance, despite decades of success, actor Matthew Broderick can’t ignore the fact that, during

Grovelling WhatsApp confession of thief who stole from deaf granddad and pal

These are the grovelling WhatsApp messages of a "sly" thief who stole from her own deaf grandfather and targeted her best friend. Melissa Collier blubbered that she did it because she's an "idiot" who could not manage her own money. And the 28-year-old from Anlaby, Hull, also admitted she did

Shameless teen robbers stole expensive cars and posed with motors on Instagram

Two shameless teenagers stole expensive cars off driveways and taunted the owners by posing with the motors for brazen Instagram pictures. Dylan Harrison, 18, and his 17-year-old accomplice have now been jailed for a total of more than 20 years for the string of robberies. One of their multiple victims