How Daniel Craig Made James Bond History

Sean Gallup/Getty Images By Joey Keogh/Sept. 8, 2021 10:23 am EDT When Lashana Lynch was revealed as the first Black female James Bond, there was widespread outrage. As Harper’s Bazaar notes in a profile of the British actress, she was subject to such an intense barrage of racist and sexist hatred

The Lie That Helped Daniel Craig Get His Big Break

Did you know that even A-list actors exaggerate on their resumes to further their careers and book roles? That’s right: Stars, they’re just like us.  Many actors have opened up about being dishonest regarding their professional credentials in the past. And, presumably, there are even more stars who haven’t come

Daniel Andrews thought Victoria was not entitled to much ADF help

Premier Daniel Andrews emerged from a meeting of national cabinet before hotel quarantine was set up on March 27 believing that Victoria would not be given as much help from the Australian Defence Force as NSW. However, how much helped Victoria asked requested after that was an “operational decision” for

Chef Daniel Boulud accused of putting food coloring in his pasta

Any good memoir contains some juicy secrets — but some are almost too sordid to repeat. Bill Buford makes the stunning claim in his new book “Dirt” that famed chef Daniel Boulud puts food coloring in his pasta to make it look more yellow. “When I later found myself in

‘Schitt’s Creek’ Final Season Trailer Teases David’s Wedding and a Rose Family Goodbye (Watch)

“When it’s time to lay down your weary head, you’ll find comfort and safety at the partially renovated Rosebud Motel.” So begins Catherine O’Hara as famed actress and Rose family matriarch Moira in the final season trailer for “Schitt’s Creek,” which Pop TV released Friday. The trailer opens with O’Hara,

Explosions rock set of Daniel Craig’s new James Bond movie

This is only supposed to happen in the movies. A stunt gone awry caused three large explosions to tear through the set of the latest James Bond flick in England, leaving at least one staffer seriously hurt and sparking “utter chaos,’’ according to a report Tuesday. The explosions occurred during