Derick Dillard: Does He Ever See His Awful In-Laws?!?

Derick Dillard is not a big fan of his wife’s infamous family. This may be the understatement of the century. But while Derick has blasted Jim Bob Duggar, in particular, on frequent occasions of late, many observers out there continue to wonder: Does he actually spend time with his in-laws?

What does your sleeping position say about your personality?

What does your sleeping position say about you? Guide to your body language in bed – and the best and worst ways to rest Experts revealed why sleeping on your stomach means you’re protective They also shared the best and worst positions to sleep in; the worst is stomach If

Why does every achievement have to be a ‘first’ to matter?

At the end of last year my theatre show Burgerz, which I debuted in 2018, closed its UK tour after selling out the Southbank Centre. Needless to say, I felt proud. Not only had I worked hard to create a show that had been so well-received, but I did so

Does Michael Strahan Regret Leaving 'Live' Co-Host Kelly Ripa? The Answer Might Surprise You

It’s been three years since Michael Strahan abandoned his duties on Live. The announcement shocked many, including co-host, Kelly Ripa. The split reportedly ended in severed ties with Strahan moving to Good Morning America. Ripa recruited best friend, Ryan Seacrest, to take Strahan’s empty seat. Now that all is said

How long does a real Christmas tree last and when should you buy one?

With December approaching, we’re all asking ‘When is the right time to put up the Christmas tree?’ But if you prefer a real tree over an artificial one, buying it too early might mean there aren’t any needles left by Christmas Day. Most trees will last four to six weeks

Where Does ‘The Mandalorian’ Take Place? It’s Not As Obvious As It May Seem

Considering that the the latest installment of the Star Wars expanded universe is about a Mandalorian, it would make sense if The Mandalorian took place on the planet Mandalore, where Mandalorians are from, right? But just because The Mandalorian will follow one intergalactic bounty hunter in particular, that doesn’t mean

What White Noise Does To Your Brain, According To Experts

In the popular imagination, white noise usually means television static or the crackling that emerges from white noise machines. It’s actually a pretty complicated noise — and researchers have found that white noise has a lot of effects on the brain. White noise is a collection of randomized sounds from every

Does Queen Elizabeth Approve of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Informal Tour of Africa?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal tour of Africa has been winning over their fans and critics, in part due to the more relaxed approach they’re taking with the visit. Many have wondered, however, if the Queen approves of their informal tour and one royal expert claims she’s likely “delighted”