Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Mum ‘doesn’t regret’ not getting jab after her premature baby dies

Warning: Distressing content A young mum in the UK says she doesn’t regret not getting vaccinated after her premature daughter died with Covid. Katie Leeming, 22, of Blackpool contracted Covid and delivered her daughter Ivy-Rose Court 14 weeks premature weighing under 2kg. Little Ivy-Rose tested positive for Covid after her

Why doesn't BA answer the phone? The Holiday Guru can help

Why doesn’t British Airways answer the phone? The Holiday Guru tackles traveller issues, from the struggle to contact firms for refunds to America’s coronavirus entry policy for foreigners The Holiday Guru is always on call to answer your questions. This week many concerned travellers wrote in regarding refund issues involving

All The Clues Brandon *Doesn’t* Go Back To Julia On ‘The Bachelor’

You may have thought that the love triangle between Brandon, Julia, and Savannah would end now that everyone has officially coupled up on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, but it has only heightened tensions. Though Brandon picked Savannah and Julia is doing her best to move forward with

Why Doesn't 50 Cent Have a Relationship with His Oldest Son?

Almost everyone has experienced some kind of family drama. But 50 Cent’s relationship with his eldest son, Marquise Jackson, takes the cake. Over the past few years, they’ve repeatedly traded barbs and criticized each other, with 50 Cent even saying that he wouldn’t mind if Jackson got hit by a

Mariah Carey doesn’t trust paparazzi to get the photos she wants

Mariah Carey made a late-night appearance at Heidi Klum’s 20th annual Halloween bash. We’re told the singer came late because she was waiting to post her holiday hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on Instagram after midnight. Carey, dressed as an ‘80 hair metal rocker, came with ballerina