Drink one cup of this and you're guaranteed weight loss and a good night's sleep according to expert

A FORMER food addict turned health expert has revealed a quick and simple hack which will ‘guarantee’ weight loss and a good night’s sleep.  Dave shared hundreds of videos advising his fans claiming the best remedies to lose those extra pounds without exercising.  In one video he shared with his

Read This Before You Drink Grey Goose Vodka Again

When it comes to making cocktails, there’s no spirit more versatile than vodka. From the simple screwdriver to the sophisticated dirty martini, a seasoned mixologist can create almost any flavor profile with a liquor that many people describe as flavorless. The thing is, vodka does have flavor. If you’ve ever

When you drink green juice every day, this is what happens to your body

Green juice may not look super appetizing, but it’s become increasingly popular. According to Shape, green juice has graduated from niche health food to national obsession, enjoyed daily by the likes of Meghan Markle and Julianne Hough. The beauty of green juice is that you can include a wide variety

You Should Always Drink More Water When You Up Your Fiber Intake

Yes, everyone wants to feel full for hours after they eat lunch and never be bloated again. But like, how?!? Well, there’s one solution that’s not exactly sexy (your grandma probably swears by it), but it works: fiber, baby. Sure, you can get your fiber intake from having a fiber

When you drink gin every night, this is what happens to your body

Whether you drink gin every night in a martini or mix it with tonic water, you may be wondering what this alcohol does to your body. First, it’s important to know what gin even is. While straight gin may not taste overly flavorful, it is flavored. Sam Carter, senior brand ambassador for