LGBT-Inclusive Sex Education Is Now Compulsory Teaching In England’s Schools

Schools are also now required to educate pupils on consent, abortion, mental health, and more. Starting this month (September 2020), LGBT-inclusive sex education will be mandatory in English secondary schools. The Department of Education’s released new guidelines in February 2019 on Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in schools, which stated:

Quiz: Are you smart enough to pass the 11+ grammar school test?

Pencils at the ready, everyone…. Updated on 22 April 2020: we’re all bored of thinking about coronavirus, we’re all bored of lockdown, and we’ve watched everything on Netflix already (don’t worry, there’s a whole host of new TV and film titles coming this May).  With that in mind, then, what

Child hospitalised ‘after school’s toilet policy’ left her scared to use loo

A mum has claimed her daughter was hospitalised with severe constipation because her school’s toilet roll policy left her too scared to use the loo. Fahmin Khanum said her four year-old daughter suffered with such bad anxiety she couldn’t relieve herself when she needed to. The mum has slammed Kitchener Road

Hit vile teenage trolls where it hurts and ban them from sites

Teenage years have always been hard – and bullies have always been cruel. But online bullying has to be the lowest of the low – and a reason more and more of our children are taking their own lives. The latest tragic case is George Hessay. Aged just 15, he

Expert reveals what women want men to say during sex

Psychosexual and relationship therapist Kate Moyle specialises in working with those that struggle with sex life. And in an exclusive chat with Daily Star Online, Kate revealed crucial advice on what women like their partners to say. She said: “There’s not a specific phrase but it is all about positive

Girl, 11, faces three hour round trip to sixth-choice secondary school

An 11-year-old girl will spend more than three hours a day travelling to and from secondary school in the new academic year. Phoebe Smith has been offered a place at her sixth choice secondary school with travel one way taking roughly an hour and 40 minutes. Her mum says she

Headteacher who used school funds for ‘sex dungeon’ and booze is banned for life

A disgraced headteacher who had drunken romps in a "sex dungeon" alongside his office has been banned from teaching for life James Stewart, 74, used school cash to convert his office into an x-rated lair designed for trysts with his married secretary. He was executive principal at Sawtry Village Academy