I use my vibrator every day & don’t care who knows, it’s time women put their pleasure first

LESLEY Cragg, 38, has been single since November 2019. Yet even during each lockdown she was still able to satisfy herself. Lesley, mum to Charlie, 17, reckons all women – single and attached – should take charge of their own pleasure. “I'm single and lockdown was initially a bit of

This Man Started Walking Every Day, Lost 70 Pounds, and Started Running Marathons

When he hit his thirties, Bryan Cliver’s sporty, athletic lifestyle hit a snag when he was diagnosed with iliotibial band syndrome, a painful condition which prevented him from running or doing strenuous exercise. While he was undergoing physical therapy, he also took a new job that required lots of travel,

Every Makeup Product Cynthia Nixon Wore As Miranda On Sex And The City

When talking Sex and the City, Miranda Hobbs is often cited as a fan favorite. As Screen Rant points out, in the glitzy, glamorous, upper-crust Manhattan world the show creates, she’s the most down-to-earth character, making her incredibly relatable. She struggles to balance her successful career with other priorities in

How Walking Every Day Helped This Guy Lose 300 Pounds

In a new episode of the body transformation webseries Brand New Me, Frank Markosek from Illinois shares how he struggled with his weight and with over-eating for years. “If it had a dollar menu, I was there,” he says, describing how he would eat fast food almost every day, and

Every Mistake Dory & Co. Made In ‘Search Party’ Season 2

Search Party Season 1 followed a dissatisfied millennial named Dory (Alia Shawkat) trying to track down her old NYU acquaintance, Chantal (Clare McNulty) who went missing. After killing a P.I. named Keith Powell (Ron Livingston) in the Season 1 finale, the second installment followed Dory and her friends messily trying

The 10 questions EVERY woman wants to ask a breast surgeon

The questions EVERY woman wants to ask about her breasts: NHS specialist surgeon reveals the explanation behind everything from leaking nipples to lopsided boobs Lucy Khan, consultant cosmetic and oncoplastic breast surgeon, offers advice Edinburgh-based surgeon revealed the importance of checking your breasts Women quiz her about breast size and if

Every Celebrity Couple Who Postponed Their Wedding Due to Coronavirus

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Emma Stone, and other celebrities have decided to put their wedding on hold until after the coronavirus pandemic — with so many states putting into effect stay-at-home orders it makes sense that these stars would want to wait until they could truly celebrate with family and

When you drink gin every night, this is what happens to your body

Whether you drink gin every night in a martini or mix it with tonic water, you may be wondering what this alcohol does to your body. First, it’s important to know what gin even is. While straight gin may not taste overly flavorful, it is flavored. Sam Carter, senior brand ambassador for