The new world of ‘deep fake’: How cyber attackers impersonated senior ministers, diplomats

When Hong Kong pro-democracy activists last month received messages from Australia’s Finance Minister, Simon Birmingham, on encrypted messaging service Telegram, they were overjoyed. But it was too good to be true. The activists quickly realised something was up when “Birmingham” requested they transfer money into a Hong Kong bank account.

Taiwan offers FAKE FLIGHTS to keep holiday-starved tourists happy

Taiwan offers FAKE FLIGHTS to keep holiday-starved tourists happy, with travellers passing through passport control and then boarding an aircraft… that doesn’t take off The fake flight experience is being offered to people at Taipei’s downtown Songshan airport  Around 7,000 people applied to take part in the experience with 60 winners

Mum sends her husband fake texts pretending to be the landlord to make him do more chores – and is hailed a 'visionary'

A CHEEKY mum has shared her genius “hack” for making her husband do more chores around the house. Taking to Facebook Aussie mum Rebecca revealed that she regularly texts her hubby pretending to be the landlordto scare him into cleaning – and it works every time. "I'm going to let

This Fake Tabloid Story About Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Getting Married in Mexico Is Next Level Ridiculous

Okay, lemme just say that if Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s steamy wrist grab from the SAG Awards turned out to be romantic and they started dating again, I’d be all for it. And while my fragile emotions are banking on the prospect of them getting back together one day,