Three Musical Notes, 1,848 Miles and a Lifetime of Memories

I packed my bags for a trip I never expected to take, to a place I never imagined I’d visit. Three months earlier, on a Sunday night in early January 2019, my 22-year-old daughter, Maggie, walked into our living room and sat down on a love seat facing my wife

Boys Born Small at Higher Risk for Infertility

Boys born small may be at risk for infertility in adulthood. Danish researchers examined birth and health records of 10,936 men and women born between 1984 and 1987. The study, in Human Reproduction, found that 10 percent of the babies were born small for gestational age. The health and behavioral

For Sibling Battles, Be a Sportscaster, Not a Referee

Parents in my psychotherapy practice often ask how to make sibling conflict stop. Understandably, they want the bickering, teasing, aggression and cries of “no fair” to end. But one of the best ways to dial up sibling love is not to squash conflicts, but to learn how to use them.