Giada De Laurentiis Just Shared 7 Ways to Use Her Bolognese Sauce For Weeknight Cooking

While we’d love to spend most chilly winter days holed up in the kitchen, cooking up our favorite long-simmered comfort foods, unfortunately we have other things we often need to tend to, like work, kids, binge-watching Netflix, and getting sucked in to reading the comments section on the random articles

Martha Stewart's One-Pot Braised Chicken And Veggies Is a Fresh Start To the New Year

We absolutely love the holiday season, but we can’t be the only ones who feel like they haven’t eaten a vegetable since October. We’ve been indulging in holiday favorites, which has been a wonderful treat, but we’re ready to slowly transition to some fresher meals. Martha Stewart‘s one-pot braised chicken

Oprah Just Shared the Foodie Christmas Gift She Got From Meghan Markle

Do you ever wonder how the rich and famous celebrate the holidays? What do you get someone who literally has everything, if not something outrageous like a life-size platinum statue of Cardi B or the fracking rights to planet XR-392? Well Oprah, arguably one of the richest and most famous