Gigi Hadid Shows Off the Incredible Cake Buddy Valastro's Team Made for Zayn Malik's Birthday

Zayn Malik's 28th birthday was super sweet thanks to Gigi Hadid and Buddy Valastro. Hadid, who is a huge Cake Boss fan, commissioned Valastro and his team to create a Bradford City Football Club-themed birthday cake for Malik. The finished masterpiece resembled the team's brown and yellow striped jersey on

$2,020 Tip Challenge Morphs Into $2,021 Challenge Thanks to Generous Tippers Across the U.S.

At the start of 2020, some lucky restaurant servers across the country were flabbergasted by generous tips totaling a whopping $2,020 (like the year). And now, the trend is continuing on into the new year — with an extra dollar. The trend, known as the "2020 Tip Challenge" quickly gained

Pizza Hut Rings in the New Year with a Pizza-Less Stuffed Crust Ring

It wouldn't be a new year without some fresh food innovations — and Pizza Hut is introducing one specifically for crust-lovers. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their original stuffed-crust pizza, the chain created the "Nothing But Stuffed Crust", which is exactly what it sounds like: a ring of their

The Price Of Chipotle’s New Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice Is More Than What You’re Used To

Chipotle is kicking off 2021 with the launch of a new offering. The new cilantro-lime cauliflower rice is a plant-based twist on the chain’s fan-fave rice options. If you’re ready to try something new this year, you’ll want to know that the price of Chipotle’s new cilantro-lime cauliflower rice is

10 Christmas Baking TikToks To Try That’ll Totally Impress The Santa In Your Life

It’s the most wonderful and tastiest time of the year. You’ve been quite busy in the kitchen making hot chocolate bombs, baking an assortment of Christmas cookies, and documenting all the festive fun on TikTok. If you’re in need of some more inspo, these Christmas baking TikToks will not only

20 Jackfruit Recipes That Taste Exactly Like Meat

Savory, tender, and deliciously juicy are words you’d typically use to describe a steak—but jackfruit, which has become one of the hottest meat substitutes at the supermarket, does a pretty good job of embodying those traits, too. Thanks to its versatile texture (and neutral taste!), there’s nothing this bumpy-skinned South

25 Instagram Captions For Pizza Pictures That’ll Steal A Pizza Your Heart

Have you ever wanted something sweet but spicy and cheesy, while also mercilessly sprinkled with a ton of veggies? There’s a pizza for that. Pizza can cater to the most indecisive tastebuds, and there are even places that allow customers to create personal combinations. Since those combos are a reflection