Get Cooking: Inside the history of French fries – The Denver Post

The French kiss isn’t French; it’s Italian. French dressing isn’t French; it’s American. And French fries, as we know them, aren’t French; they’re Belgian. And, in the same way that the too-German-sounding sauerkraut became “liberty cabbage” during World War I, even the “French” in French fries is flexible. In 2003,

5 ways to get discount on kids shoes including FREE Clarks pair until February if they grow out of them

PARENTS who are looking to save cash on kids shoes can take advantage of money-saving schemes at Clarks, Shoezone and more. For example, Clarks will swap new kids shoes for a FREE pair until February if your little one grows out of them. You can also get £5 off at

NHS workers set to get a free holiday stay in Ibiza to 'say thank you'

If anyone deserves a proper holiday once the coronavirus pandemic is all over, it’s NHS workers. The people tasked with saving lives and tackling the overwhelming horror of Covid-19 are being thanked for all they’ve done with the offer a free holiday stay in Ibiza next year. The island’s government

Is it safe to get a haircut?

COVID-19 has well and truly changed the way we approach any task, from shopping for clothing to getting public transport. And when it comes to getting a haircut these days, it’s no different. “We’re at a point where some people are not taking it as seriously as others and although there

How to get a home beer tap or beer keg and install it

Going to the pub, you might not think about the long journey your pint has to go through to get from the barrel to your glass. But kegs and beer taps are a seriously techy business, and need a lot more maintenance than simply changing the barrel (as the Queen

5 clever tricks to get your picky child to eat fruits and vegetables

There’s huge range of delicious in-season fruit and vegetables available at the moment just waiting to be eaten. You can dine like a king on fresh apples, pears, berries, plums, damsons and gooseberries. Or feast on tasty veg such as asparagus, cucumbers, mushrooms, courgette, spinach, tomatoes and radishes. They’re all