Factories close for good as coronavirus cuts demand

Auto factories adopt coronavirus safety measures, begin to reopen Auto factories will add safety practices, like employee distancing, face masks and temperature checking, as they begin to reopen. FOX Business’ Grady Trimble with more. Factory furloughs across the U.S. are becoming permanent shutdowns, a sign of the heavy damage the

Too much of a good thing? Elisabeth Moss endures another on-screen trauma

Stars, male and female, come in different packages. There’s the glamorous kind such as Charlize Theron or Jennifer Lopez, who often have to fight for credibility — and there are those who make a principle of refusing glamour, so their popularity seems achieved against the grain. In the second category

Meghan Markle Made a Good Place Joke About Meeting Prince Harry

Fans of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are well aware that the couple first met when they were introduced by a friend and set up on a blind date. Last year, it was reported that the mystery matchmaker was publicist Violet von Westenholz, but viewers of The Good Place

Welcome to Good Burger! Nickelodeon to Launch Restaurant Based on TV Show

Good Burger is coming back! The restaurant from All That and the 1997 movie of the same name (which is, of course, “home of the Good Burger”) will be resurfacing in Los Angeles this summer. Nickelodeon announced plans to launch a pop-up version of the fictional eatery on Wednesday, June