Woman reveals how to fall asleep comfortably on planes

Flying can be very disruptive to a peaceful night of sleep. With time differences, screaming babies, uncomfortable seats, and a desperate desire not to fall asleep with your head on the stranger next to you all contributing to a stressful experience. As most of us can’t afford the luxury beds

How to get a McDonald's Big Mac and fries for £1.99 every time

Most people relish any opportunity to snap up a bargain – especially when it comes to food. If this applies to you, a lesser-known McDonald’s hack should be on your radar.  It turns out, customers can get a Big Mac and fries for just £1.99 – if they are willing

Emmys Analysis: Netflix, Apple Prove It Is A Streamer’s World And We Are Just Living In It

With a huge challenge in trying to stage a live awards show while still in the shadow of Covid, the Emmys pulled off a mostly entertaining three hours and 15 minutes, even if (save for a couple of surprise wins) it was all a pretty predictable outcome. Most pundits (including

TikTok hack shows how to cook chicken by hanging it in the oven

It’s safe to say that we are considerably more efficient in the kitchen thanks to TikTok. Over the past few months we’ve learned how to perfectly line a cake tin, how to clean a well-loved pan and how to get the gristle out of chicken in seconds.  But now there’s

How to stay cool in the UK heatwave – Here’s 12 tips and tricks to keep you comfortable during the hot weather

THE UK heatwave is back for a second time, as the last few weeks of August are set to be scorchers. The young and elderly are most vulnerable, as temperatures are expected to reach 33C in parts of the UK. So it's vital that we all know how to cool